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How to Watch ABC’s Black-ish Outside of the US

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Black-ish is a sitcom which made its debut on ABC in September’ 2014. The series focuses on an upper middle class African-American family who stays in mostly white neighborhood. The first season of the series garnered extremely positively reviews and the series was even nominated for multiple awards in the comedy genre. The success of the first season prompted ABC to renew the series for a second season which premiered in September’ 2015. In this article, we’ll go and show you step-by-step how to watch the hit show anywhere.

What To Expect From Season 2 of Black-ish?

Like season 1, the second season of the series focuses on the struggles of Andre ‘Dre’ Johnson (played by Anthony Anderson) and Rainbow Johnson (played by Tracee Ellis Ross) as they try to raise their kids among predominantly white neighbors. Andre is a marketing executive who is hell bent on teaching African American ways of life to his children even in these changed times. The Johnson kids have adjusted to their surroundings admirably but when their father tries to mold them as per African American culture, it leads to frequent clashes between them (often with hilarious results). Expect plenty of laughs and witty dialogues in the latest season as well!

How To Watch Black-ish Season 2 Online?

Black-ish is telecast on every Wednesday night at 9:30 PM on the ABC channel. Additionally, the series is available for streaming through the ABC website

The not so good news is that the above link is only meant for US residents. When international viewers try to stream the series episodes by clicking on the above link, they are merely redirected to a page which shows the following message:

“You-appear-to-be-outside-the-United-States-or-its-territories. Due-to-international-rights-agreements, we-only-offer-this-video-to-viewers-located-within-the-United-States-and-its-territories”.

The reason for these geographical restrictions is not that hard to comprehend. Most channels and content providers sign content sharing agreements for the original shows which they produce. These licensing agreements are meant only for specific countries or geographical areas so the content providers would be violating them if they allow viewers to stream the shows from outside those regions. Of course, such restrictions are not in the best interests of US expats and business travelers who travel a lot but since they are in a minority, providers like ABC often choose to ignore their needs.

How To Watch Season 2 Of Black-ish From Any Location?

Since ABC relies on IP address to determine viewers’ location, it is really easy to bypass their filters. Simply subscribe to a VPN or SmartDNS solution which supports ABC streaming and you would be able to unlock Black-ish episodes from anywhere. Follow this easy guide to stream ABC shows from an international location:

Step 1) As mentioned above, choose a reliable VPN or SmartDNS service. In case you have never subscribed to an IP or DNS changing solution, here are some recommendations from my side:

Step 2) The second step is to configure the service on a laptop or mobile device (some providers even support gaming consoles and Smart TVs). This usually involves installing a pre-configured client (usually for VPNs) or modifying the network settings of the device (for SmartDNS and VPNs).

Step 3) Once the new network settings are in place, it is time to save the changes and restart the device. If you wish to stream the series on a mobile device, remember to close and restart the ABC Player app as well.

Step 4) Run the newly configured VPN service by clicking on its desktop icon (or by navigating to Network Connections area).

Step 5) Once the connection with the default VPN server has been established, you would be assigned a new IP address. Before you head to ABC website or run the ABC app, I would request you to check the location of your new IP address since many VPN companies now have their default servers outside US. If your new IP address is from Europe or Asia, simple connect to the nearest available US VPN server. This step is not required for SmartDNS services or for manually configured VPN connections.

Step 6) Run the ABC app (or your favorite browser) and navigate to homepage of Black-ish. Since the geographical boundaries between your device and ABC site have been removed, you should be able to watch the series episodes without any difficulty.

January 6, 2016

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