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How To Watch ABC iView Programs Outside Australia

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

ABC iView (abc.net.au/tv/iview) is a video on-demand and catch up service from Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The service offers ABC News and full episodes of ABC programs which allows you to catch your favorite shows at your own convenient time. The service is available for desktops, iPads, iPhones, Android Smartphones and Tablets, Smart TVs and gaming consoles through its website and native apps.

ABC iView offers an excellent collection of programs to satisfy the entertainment needs of its audience. Once you subscribe to the service, you would be able to watch full episodes of shows like Injustice, Dirty Laundry Live, Death In Paradise, Catalyst, Grand Designs, Dangerous Drivers’ School, Good Game SP, The Gruen Transfer, Art Nation, Insiders, The Hamster Wheel, Good Game SP, Australian Story, Big Ideas, Offsiders, rage, The Slap as well as news programs such as ABC News, ABC News 24 and News at 7:30 at any time. Full episodes of most programs are available for 14 days plus the company adds several new programs every day.

While the online version of ABC iView offers incredible convenience, it is not yet available for people outside Australia. This is mainly due to copyright issues since ABC may not have the rights to broadcast its programs outside the Australian continent. This is indeed a bad news for Australian expats and travelers since they are deprived of their favorite ABC programs once they are out of the country.

ABC checks the IP address of its visitors to determine their location. So if you want to access ABC iView outside Australia, you would need to use an IP changing service to project that you are trying to access the site through Australia. There are many proxy services and VPN providers online that can provide you with an Australian IP address so that you can access ABC site without any errors.

As far as unlocking online video streaming sites is concerned, VPNs certainly have an edge. Many proxy providers leak real IP plus they are not able to deliver high speeds required for video streaming. On the other hand, VPNs provide blazing fast speeds and high security that is so much essential for accessing online video sites.

How To Unlock ABC iView Programs Outside Australia With A VPN

Step 1:  Join a VPN service that provides an Australian IP address. For unlocking ABC iView shows, you can pick the unlimited speed and bandwidth VPN plans from PureVPN, VPN SecureIPVanish, HideMyAss, Overplay,  ExpressVPN, WorldVPN and VyprVPN. These VPN suppliers are well known for their Australian VPN products and therefore are able to deliver extremely high speed and anonymity.

Step 2:  Download the VPN program from the VPN company’s website and install it according to the instructions supplied or set up the virtual private network by modifying your system’s network configuration. For handheld mobile devices like Smartphones/tablets, there is no software installation needed but you will need to set up the VPN service by modifying a couple of network parameters. Many VPN companies provide step by step installation tutorials on their sites so remember to follow the installation method meant for your device and operating system.

Step 3:  Right after the application installation or configuration is finished, save and apply new changes. You might also need to reboot your personal computer for the setting changes to take effect. With regards to handheld mobile devices, you just have to save and apply the changes and close and restart the apps to use the most recent network setting.

Step 4:  Get connected to the VPN service by hitting the Connect button or the VPN icon. Subject to your speed and location, it could take a few moments for the VPN client to locate the default server.

Step 5:  Make certain to pick an Australian VPN server in the event that default server is not from Australia. The vast majority of VPN providers have VPN servers in more than one country which means that you will have to manually select a server from Australia to unlock ABC iView. Choose a VPN server that is closest to your current location to get much faster online video streaming speeds.

Step 6:  Connect to the ABC iView site and click on multiple links such as episode names to make sure that you can watch them without facing any difficulty. To watch ABC iView episodes through handheld mobile devices, close the native app and start it again to unlock all its features. Congratulations, you can now watch ABC iView shows from virtually any region across the globe.

July 9, 2013

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