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How to Unlock ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’ from Outside of the US

Friday, November 29th, 2013

Whose Line Is It Anyway is an improvisational comedy TV series that airs on The CW channel. The series originally aired on the ABC and ABC Family channels from 1998-2007 and made a comeback on The CW network in 2013. Whose Line Is It Anyway is a spin-off of the British series of the same name which was conceptualized as a radio show by Dan Patterson and Mark Leveson. The series has received a fabulous response from the audience (IMDB rating of 8.5) and one of its lead performers, Wayne Brady, even won an Emmy award for his performance on the show.

Whose Line Is It Anyway Plot

Each episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway consists of four performers, Wayne Brady, Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie plus a special guest or a recurring cast member, who play an improvisation game and create scenes, characters and songs on a topic chosen by the audience or as suggested by the host. At the end of each game, one or more winners are picked and point values (which have no practical meaning) are assigned to them. The games featured on the show have various themes and some of them may even involve the host or celebrity guests.

Whose Line Is It Anyway Broadcast Schedule And Availability

The latest season of Whose Line Is It Anyway is telecast on Tuesday nights on The CW channel. The series episodes are also made available online through the official CWTV portal (cwtv.com/shows/whose-line-is-it-anyway). However, due to content distribution and licensing issues, the online episodes are available only to those viewers who access the CWTV portal from a US territory. All international viewers, including US expats and tourists based abroad, merely see a blank screen whenever they try to access the show’s episodes online.

How The CW Blocks Whose Line Is It Anyway Online

CWTV blocks Whose Line Is It Anyway since it has signed content sharing agreements with several international channels and content providers. The sharing agreements allow CWTV’s partner channels to distribute the show in their respective territories but also prevents CWTV from broadcasting the show outside US. To enforce the distribution restrictions online, CWTV scans the location of its visitors through their IP addresses and only permits US viewers to watch the show online.

If you are a fan of Whose Line Is It Anyway series and would like to access the show online from an overseas location, you must hide your real IP address from CWTV and use a US IP address to access the show. The changing of IP address is made possible through IP changing solutions like proxies and VPNs which allow their customers to switch IPs at the click of a button. And while you can use either a proxy or a VPN to change your IP address, it is much better to use a VPN to unlock streaming shows since VPNs deliver better streaming speeds plus they never leak your real IP address or location.

How To Unlock Whose Line Is It Anyway With A VPN

Step 1: Subscribe to a reliable US VPN service that allows unlimited speed and bandwidth usage. For unlocking Whose Line Is It Anyway from outside of US, check out the VPN offers from reputed vendors like ExpressVPN, HIDEIPVPN, IPVanish, HideMyAss or Overplay.

Step 2: After you receive the welcome email from your provider, check the installation/setup options available to you. A lot of VPN companies offer custom VPN tools for Mac and Windows based systems but devices running on other Operating systems (Linux, iOS and Android) often require a manual setup. Even if you have no experience in configuring VPNs, it is extremely easy to setup a VPN service by creating a new network connection and using the connection parameters supplied to you by your vendor.

Step 3: Save the VPN connection parameters and reboot the system if it is essential. In addition, you must restart the CWTV app on your Smartphone or tablet so that it uses the new connection settings to connect to the internet.

Step 4: Start the newly configured VPN service by clicking on its desktop icon or by selecting the Connect option on your mobile device. Although most reputed VPN providers deliver blazing fast streaming speeds, the time needed to connect to the VPN server depends on your existing internet speed as well as the distance between your location and the city where the VPN server is located.

Step 5: Check whether you have got a US IP address after connecting to the service. A lot of big VPN companies have their default VPN servers outside America so it is possible that you may get a non-US IP address when you connect to the service. If this happens to you, simply switch to a US server manually so that you can unlock CWTV shows without facing any restrictions. While choosing your new VPN server, make sure to pick the nearest available US server as your server of choice so that you can unlock streaming shows and movies at extremely fast speeds.

Step 6: Visit the CWTV website and click on Whose Line Is It Anyway episode names to unlock the show’s episodes. To access the show’s videos and episodes through a mobile device, remember to stop and restart the CWTV app after switching to a US server. Thanks to your VPN subscription, you can now enjoy the latest episodes of WhoseLineIsItAnyway from any place in the world.

November 29, 2013

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