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How To Unlock Tudou Movies and Videos Outside China

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Tudou (tudou.com) is one of the largest video sharing sites on the internet. The site serves more than 7 million users on a daily basis which represents almost 50% of video traffic in China. Apart from computers, the service is also available for iPads, iPhones and Android Smartphones and tablets through native apps.

Tudou users’ publish more than 50,000 new videos every day. The videos cover a wide range of topics including music videos, movie clips, TV show snippets and even video blogging. A large portion of content is also made available through commercial channels through Tudou’s partnership programs and content acquisition.

Like many other video streaming sites, Tudou has some GEOIP restrictions and there is some content that will only be available inside China. While some user generated content can be accessed freely from anywhere, almost all the commercial and copyrighted videos are blocked outside China. This is indeed a sad new for Chinese expats, travelers, and people who want to watch free content since they cannot access their favorite videos once they are out of China.

Tudou checks for the IP address and location before allowing access to its website. It is possible to watch blocked videos from outside China but you will need to change your IP address through an IP changing service like Proxy or Virtual private network.

As far as unlocking Tudou is concerned, VPNs offer much better choice than proxies. Due to intense censorship in China, it is difficult to get a working proxy that can deliver real anonymity and high speed. However, there are several legal companies offering VPN services to businesses and individuals. These VPNs offer anonymity and high speed both of which are vital for unlocking video streaming services like Tudou.

How To Watch Tudou Videos Outside China With A VPN

Step 1:  Become a member of a VPN service provider that gives a Chinese IP address. To unblock Tudou videos, you can subscribe to unrestricted speed and bandwidth plans from Leafy VPN, HideMyAss, VPNWorld, USAIP.eu and SuperVPN. Each of these VPN providers are renowned for their China VPN solutions and therefore are equipped to provide you with top connection speed and anonymity.

Step 2:  Next you need to configure the network setting or install a lightweight VPN client as per the recommendations provided by your VPN service provider. When it comes to handheld mobile devices like tablets and Smartphones, there is generally no installation required but you must set up the virtual private network by changing few network settings.

Step 3:  Save the changes and also reboot your PC if necessary (not required for mobile devices). When it comes to mobile devices, you just have to save changes to apply new updates and close and restart the apps to make use of the latest network settings.

Step 4:  Connect with the newly installed VPN service by simply clicking on the Connect button or the VPN icon. Based on your internet speed and current location, it might take few minutes for the VPN to connect to the default server.

Step 5:  Be sure to pick a Chinese VPN server if the default VPN server is not from China. The vast majority of VPN providers have got VPN servers in lots of countries around the world so you would be required to pick a server from China in order to unblock all Tudou videos. In case your VPN provider has got multiple servers within China, go with a server that is nearest to your present location so that you can get faster streaming and buffering speeds.

Step 6:  Visit the Tudou site and click on restricted video links to make sure that you can view all of them without facing any problems. For mobile devices, close Tudou native app and restart it to unblock every feature. If you run into any technical issues, be sure to get hold of your VPN provider to get it resolved. You can now enjoy Tudou videos from pretty much any location on this planet.

July 9, 2013

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