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How To Unlock the “Good Shows” and Watch All QQLive Streaming Videos Outside China

Monday, July 8th, 2013

QQLive (www.v.qq.com) is video streaming software created by Tencent. The program uses advanced peer to peer streaming media technology to deliver content. The service is a huge hit among streaming video fans and it attracts more than 3 million visitors every day. Tencent offers QQLive program for computers, iPhones, iPads and Android tablets and Smartphones.

QQLive’s content library consists of popular TV programs, full length movies, live events, music and entertainment shows and special programs for kids. QQLive has incorporated several user-friendly features inside its software including efficient search and indexing, offline video playback, pause and replay for continuous playback and quick switching among different categories. The program also includes several social features to make video streaming a much better experience.

Like many other online video services, QQLive has a majority of its content GEOIP locked and is available only within China. The service blocks access to visitors from other countries by checking their location through IP address. Such restrictions can prove incredibly frustrating for Chinese expats and video consumers since they are deprived of their favorite entertainment shows when they are out of China. Moreover, much of the “good content” like new TV shows and movies will not be available. However, it is possible to access QQLive from abroad by using an IP changing service.

As far as IP changing services are concerned, proxies and virtual private networks are the best options. While proxies allow you to change your IP address easily, they cannot deliver high speeds required for online video streaming. Some proxies even leak IP address which means content providers like QQLive can block you even if you are using a proxy. VPNs are known for their speed and security which is the reason why they are preferred for unlocking online video steaming services. While it may seem strange to want to VPN INTO China, this is actually the case. Although Facebook, Twitter, Hulu, NetFlix, and other website are unavailable in China, there is a lot of video content that is shown through legal channels in China. The reason is that the purchase or leasing right for the digital media is cheaper in China since the consumption is at a much higher level. There is also no doubt less restriction for other content that may be uploaded by companies that may or may not realize the ramifications.

How To Unlock QQLive Videos Outside China With A VPN

Step 1:  Subscribe to a VPN service that provides a Chinese IP address. To unlock QQLive videos, you can opt for unrestricted bandwidth and speed VPN plans from Leafy VPN, VyprVPN, SuperVPN, USAIP.eu and VPNWorld. These VPN service providers are well known for their VPN services so they are in a position to provide you with very high data transfer rates and privacy which is needed to unlock QQLive.

Step 2: The next step is to set up VPN by modifying network configuration or by installing the VPN application provided by the VPN provider. With regards to mobile devices like Smartphones/tablets, there is no installation needed but you do have to set up the VPN by adjusting a few network parameters.

Step 3: Apply the new changes and restart your computer or laptop if necessary (not really needed for tablets and Smartphones). When it comes to handheld mobile devices, you simply need to save and apply the new changes and restart the apps to use the most up-to-date network settings.

Step 4: Connect to the VPN service by clicking on the Connect button or the Virtual private network icon. Based on your net speed and present location, it might take a few minutes for the VPN to locate its default server.

Step 5: Make sure to choose a Chinese server in case the default server is not from China. Most VPN providers have servers in a number of countries so you will need to select a server from China to unblock QQLive videos.

Step 6: Run the QQLive software and check whether you are able to stream videos without any issues. To access QQLive from mobile devices, close the QQLive native app and start it again. You should now be able to stream videos from QQLive without facing any location specific errors.

July 8, 2013

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