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How To Unlock the Demand 5 Streaming Service Outside Of UK

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Demand 5 is an online video on demand (VOD) service from Channel 5 Broadcasting Limited. The streaming video service is available through Channel 5 website (http://channel5.com/demand5) and offers a wide variety of programs to cater to different kinds of audience. The Demand 5 native apps are available at iTunes and Google Play stores which make it possible to access the service through a lot of devices like Smart TVs, Windows and Mac computers, iOS devices like iPads and iPhones, Android based tables and Smartphones as well as consoles like Xbox and PlayStation.

Demand 5 is a highly popular service in United Kingdom due to its program offerings and some totally unique features. People who cannot watch their favorite programs on TV for some reason can now watch them online through the Demand 5 website. The Demand 5 service allows its subscribers to watch reruns of their favorite programs for up to 30 days after the program has been aired on TV and even rent some programs up to 7 days in advance before the TV broadcast date. The on-demand service offers a rich collection of popular programs like CSI, Fear Factor, American Idol, Celebrity Big Brother, Big Body Squad, Body Of Proof, Home and Away, Dallas, Nature Shock, Sons of Anarchy, Person of Interest, Neighbours, The Wright Stuff, Inside Hollywood, International Boxing and Bamma 10.

Limited Accessibility Outside of the UK

While the Demand 5 online streaming service has made it possible to watch our favorite shows at our convenience, it has certain restrictions as well. The biggest drawback of the service is that its programs are location restricted and are not available outside United Kingdom. As soon as you try to access your favorite programs on Demand 5 website from abroad, you will come across a message that informs you that the service is not currently available at your location.

The Demand 5 site uses GEOIP checks to determine the IP address and location of its visitors. Its content is location restricted because very often Channel 5 does not have the required rights to air the programs outside United Kingdom. Naturally such restrictions lead to a lot of disappointment among expats and tourists since they are not able to view their favorite programs even after paying money to Demand 5.

How To Watch Demand 5 Outside the UK through a VPN

Since Demand 5 uses the IP address of visitors to block access to its service, it is easy to bypass such restrictions with the help of an IP changing service. If you are looking for an assured way to unblock Demand 5 website from abroad then using a VPN service is highly recommended. VPNs are easy to configure on a wide variety of devices like laptops, Smart TVs, tablets and Smartphones plus they are able to deliver very high streaming speed that is essential for watching online videos and live events. As a bonus, they provide total security and anonymity to protect your online activities from hackers and criminals.

1) Sign up with a VPN provider that provides a UK IP address (check the section below for a list of UK VPN providers).
2) Configure the VPN service on your laptop, Smartphone or tablet by installing the VPN software provided by the VPN company or by changing the settings as per the instructions.
3) Run the VPN software or service to start using the VPN.
4) Choose a server from UK from the list of available servers.
5) Connect to the Demand 5 site again and you should be able to watch all the programs without running into any issues.

When it comes to choosing a VPN service, you should subscribe only to plans from reliable VPN providers. There are several dependable VPN providers like HideMyAss,  ExpressVPNKepard, VyprVPN or IPVanish that offer excellent UK VPN plans. By choosing an unlimited speed and bandwidth plan from these providers, you can enjoy TV programs and videos offered by Demand 5 service from any location.


May 2, 2013

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