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How To Unlock NBC Shows And Videos Outside US

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

The National Broadcasting Company (nbc.com) is one of the biggest broadcasting companies in United States. NBC and its affiliate channels broadcast popular TV shows, news programs and sporting events to millions of Americans every week. Through its official site and native apps, the service is now also available for desktop computers, Smartphones, tablets, iPhones and iPads.

NBC is home to some of the most popular shows currently available to American audience. NBC shows like A2, Chicago Fire, Free Agents, Community, The Playboy Club, The Celebrity Apprentice, Animal Practice, Best Friends Forever, Chuck, Miami Vice, Mercy, Movies & Specials, Deception, Charles in Charge, Go On, Bent, Stars Earn Stripes, Magnum PI, Friday Night Lights, America’s Got Talent, Jay Leno’s Garage, The Event, Lipstick Jungle, Awake, Late Night, Parenthood, Trauma, Whitney, The Firm, Fear Factor, The Philanthropist, Outsourced, Ready for Love, The Biggest Loser, Life, Revolution, Grimm, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, The New Normal, Comic-Con, The Sing-Off, Emergency, Smash, Saving Hope, Quantum Leap, Love in the Wild, Battlestar Galactica, Outlaw, Prime Suspect, Up All Night, Knight Rider, Fashion Star, The Office, The Tonight Show, My Own Worst Enemy, Days of our Lives, Saturday Night Live, Law and Order and Harry’s Law; continue to top the popularity charts even among intense competition.

Although the online version of NBC is a huge hit among masses, it is not yet available outside United States. This is mostly due to copyright issues since the broadcasting agreement that NBC has signed with other content providers forbids it from broadcasting its shows outside America. This is indeed a bad news for tourists and expats since they wouldn’t be able to watch NBC shows and news programs once they leave US.

NBC is able to block people from accessing its service since it knows their location through their IP address. However, the developments in internet technology also enable you to hide your real IP and access the NBC site with a fake IP address. In order to unlock NBC from abroad, you would need to use a IP changing service like a proxy or virtual private network that provides a US IP address.

While proxies provide an easy way to change IP address, they are not without their share of flaws. Many proxy services leak IP addresses and are not able to deliver a high speed which means you won’t be able to use them to access the NBC site. VPNs overcome these challenges by providing a very high level of anonymity and blazing fast speeds that are needed for online steaming services.

How To Watch NBC Shows And Videos Outside US With A VPN

Step 1: Sign up with a VPN service which gives a US IP address. To unlock NBC shows and programs, we highly recommend choosing from IPVanishExpressVPNPureVPNHideMyAssOverplayInvisible Browsing VPN, etc. because these companies offer very high streaming speeds at an affordable price.

Step 2: The second step is to configure the network parameters or install a small VPN application as per the instructions provided by the VPN service provider. When it comes to mobile devices like Smartphones/tablets, there is typically no software installation required but you need to configure the service simply by changing a couple of network settings.

Step 3: Save the settings and restart your computer if necessary (not needed for tablets and Smartphones).

Step 4: Start up the VPN service by clicking on the VPN icon or on the Connect button.

Step 5: Search for a US based server in case you are not already connected to one. Almost all VPN vendors have servers in a number of countries which means that you will have to select a server from USA to be able to unlock NBC shows and programs. In case the VPN provider has multiple servers inside US, search for a VPN server that is nearest to your present location to get better streaming and buffering speeds.

Step 6: Go to the NBC web-site just like before and check whether you are able to watch programs. To view NBC shows through mobile devices, close the NBC native app and start it again to unlock all the site’s features. Should you come across any challenges, do not forget to raise it with your VPN company to get the issue resolved. You are now free to enjoy NBC shows from virtually any location in the world.

July 4, 2013

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