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How To Unlock MyTV Videos Outside Hong Kong

Monday, July 8th, 2013

MyTV (mytv.tvb.com) is a video streaming service from Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB). The on-demand video service offers prime time dramas, daily news, financial reviews, entertainment events and full episodes of programs from other TVB channels like Jade, Pearl, J2 and HD Jade. Apart from computers, the service can also be accessed from Android Smartphones/tablets, iPhones and iPads by using native MyTV apps.

Even though MyTV is highly popular among masses, most of its premium programs are not yet available outside Hong Kong. For most part, this is due to copyright and licensing issues since TVB doesn’t have rights to broadcast the content worldwide. Needless to say, these content restrictions are highly unpopular among Hong Kong expats and tourists since they are not able to watch their favorite content online once they are out of the country.

TVB is able to determine the location of MyTV visitors by checking their IP addresses. So if you want to circumvent location based restrictions, you will need to change your IP address by using an IP changing service like proxy or VPN.

For unblocking streaming services like MyTV, VPNs are considered far better than proxies. Proxies are easier to use but they cannot provide high speeds necessary for streaming. What’s worse, many proxies are not truly anonymous so the content provider can detect your real location and block you from accessing the service. These types of problems are non-existent in VPNs since most VPN services are backed by robust infrastructure. So the VPNs can deliver high speeds and true anonymity that is essential for unblocking streaming services like MyTV.

How To Watch MyTV Videos Outside Hong Kong With A VPN

Step 1:  Subscribe to a VPN provider having a VPN server located inside Hong Kong. To unlock MyTV video service, we recommend choosing from ExpressVPNPureVPNHideMyAssOverplayInvisible Browsing VPN, IPVanish, etc. mainly because these VPN providers offer unmatched speeds at very inexpensive rates.

Step 2:  Download the VPN application from the VPN service provider’s website and do the installation as per the details provided or else configure the virtual private network by modifying the network settings. When it comes to handheld mobile devices like Smartphones/tablets, there is usually no installation necessary but you will really need to configure the VPN service by editing some network parameters. Refer to the installation instructions applicable for your device and operating system to configure the service in the correct way.

Step 3:  Apply the changes and restart your computer or laptop if necessary . When it comes to mobile devices, you just have to save and apply the new changes and close and restart the apps to make use of the most up-to-date network setting.

Step 4:  Connect to the newly installed VPN service by hitting the Connect key or the Virtual private network icon. Depending upon your internet speed and current location, it may take a few moments for the VPN to find the default VPN server.

Step 5:  Be sure to select a Hong Kong based server in case the default VPN server is not from Hong Kong. Most VPN vendors have servers in numerous countries so you would be required to choose a server from Hong Kong in order to unblock MyTV videos.

Step 6:  Visit the MyTV site and click on different program names to ensure that you can watch all of them without facing any issues. To view MyTV shows through Smartphones and tablets, close the MyTV native app and start it again to unblock all its features. Congratulations, you are now free to enjoy MyTV service from almost any region in the world.

July 8, 2013

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