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How To Unlock Lovefilm Instant From Abroad

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Lovefilm Instant is a streaming video service brought to you by Amazon. The on-demand video service is available to Lovefilm subscribers and offers thousands of movies and TV series in full HD. The Lovefilm service is available online (http://www.lovefilm.com/c/instant) and is compatible with a host of device through native apps including Smart TVs, computers, Blue Ray players, iPads, Android Smartphones and tablets, iPhones, Xbox, Wii, PlayStation and Kindle Fire.

The popularity of Lovefilm has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. Lovefilm started as a video rental service but it now includes plenty of titles that can be watched online through its Lovefilm Instant service. Overall Lovefilm has more than 2 million subscribers and while not all subscribers watch videos online through the streaming video option, the potential upside for this on-demand service is huge. When streamed to the TV, there is an excellent customer experience.

Lovefilm Instant Availability

Lovefilm Instant, just like Lovefilm rental service, is available in UK, Denmark, Germany, Norway and Sweden. People from other countries are not eligible to watch movies and TV shows from the Lovefilm website and would see a content unavailable message when they try to access the content.

Amazon checks the IP address of the visitors to determine their current location and serves content only when the visitors pass the location check. A lot of video streaming companies follow similar tactics to serve their customers since many times they don’t have the rights needed to broadcast the content outside a particular country or a group of countries. Such kind of location restrictions prove incredibly frustrating for expats, travelers and students studying abroad since they are deprived of their favorite TV shows and movies even after paying for the service.

How To Watch Lovefilm Instant From Overseas

While it would seem that it is next to impossible to unlock Lovefilm Instant from abroad, in reality this can be achieved easily. You just need to use a service that allows you to change your IP address and get an IP address from one of the 5 countries where Lovefilm is available. Here are some good options available to change your IP address:

By Using Proxy Servers

Proxy servers are incredibly popular among people looking to anonymize their online activities. There are hundreds of proxy servers available online that allow you to change your IP address with ease. By using a proxy server having the IP address from UK, Norway, Denmark, Sweden or Germany; you can easily access Lovefilm Instant regardless of your current location. However you also need to keep in mind that many proxy servers are unable to deliver high speeds required for online video streaming. In addition, lots of proxy servers also leak real IP addresses so you may not be able to unlock Lovefilm even after using a proxy service.

By Using Virtual Private Networks

When compared to proxies, VPNs offer a much better way to unlock Lovefilm Instant from abroad. Most VPN providers deliver very high speeds which make their service ideal for video streaming. Plus it is easy to configure VPNs on a large variety of devices including Smart TVs, Smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles and computers so you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows at any time on the device of your choice.

As far as choosing VPN services for unlocking Lovefilm is concerned, there are several providers that fit the bill. Check out the VPN offers from VyprVPNHideMyAssPrivate Internet AccessIPVanishStrongVPNPureVPN etc. since these providers offer incredible speeds and true value for money. You just need to subscribe to a reliable VPN service to unlock the full power of Lovefilm Instant from all the corners of the world.

May 2, 2013

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