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How To Unlock CWTV Shows Outside US

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

The CW Network (CWTV) is a popular broadcasting network that was launched as a joint venture between Warner Brothers and CBS in the year 2006. Apart from broadcasting its shows on TV, CWTV also allows you to watch full episodes online through its official site cwtv.com. For mobile users, the company offers iTunes and Android app which makes it easy for CW fans to watch their favorite shows through Smartphones, tablets, iPads and iPhones.

The CWTV network is home to a wide variety of shows that capture the heartbeat of the audience. Some of its popular shows like 90210, CelebTV, Breaking Point, Perfect Score, America’s Next Top-Model, The Tomorrow People, Beauty & the Beast, Hart of Dixie, Prom Queen, Star-Crossed, Oh Sit!, The Vampire Diaries, Capture, Emily Owens MD, The 100, Gossip Girl, The Originals, Arrow, Cult, Stupid Hype, Nikita, Reign, Supernatural and The Carrie Diaries; are regularly watched by millions of people every week.

Although the online version of CWTV provides an excellent way to watch CW shows at any time, it is not yet available outside United States. The CWTV network has signed broadcasting agreements with several other broadcasters which forbids it from telecasting the shows outside US. Needless to say, these broadcasting restrictions deprive US expats, tourists and students studying abroad of their favorite TV shows.

The official CWTV sites uses IP based geographical restrictions to detect location and deliver content to the customers. As soon as a visitor having a non-US IP address tries to watch a program on the site, he sees a message informing him that the program is currently not available outside US. So if you want to access CWTV from abroad, you need to use an IP changing service like a proxy or virtual private network that offers an American IP address.

While proxies are easy to use, it is VPN which offers a better solution to watch online streaming services. Proxy services are often used by plenty of people which means you cannot get good speeds for streaming. Moreover, some proxies are not truly anonymous and they leak real IP address so you wouldn’t be able to access your favorite CW shows even after using them. On the other hand, most VPNs have a robust infrastructure in place so they can deliver extremely high speeds and total anonymity which are needed to unlock streaming services from a different country.

How To Unlock CWTV Shows Outside US Using A VPN

1) Subscribe to a VPN service provider that can offer an American IP address. To watch CWTV shows online, we recommend choosing from IPVanish, HideMyAss, SwitchVPN, VyprVPN, StrongVPN and Overplay due to the fact that these companies deliver very fast speeds at a reasonable subscription price.

2) Grab the VPN application from the VPN service provider’s website and do the installation as per the instructions provided or set up the VPN by changing your network settings. For handheld mobile devices like tablets and Smartphones, there is generally no software installation needed but you do need to set up the VPN by altering some network settings. Nearly all VPN service providers provide in-depth configuration guides so be sure to pick the correct setup plan meant for your device and Operating System.

3) Once the setup and change of settings is complete, save and then apply the changes. Additionally you may have to reboot your desktop computer or laptop for the new network settings to become effective. With regards to handheld mobile devices, you just need to save the new settings then close and restart the CWTV app to make use of the most recent network setting.

4) Connect to the newly set up service by simply clicking on the Connect button or the Virtual private network icon. Depending on your ISP speed and current location, it could take few minutes for the VPN program to pick up the default server.

5) Be sure to choose a USA based server if your default server is not from America. Most VPN providers have VPN servers at several locations around the world which means you would be required to choose a server from USA in order to unlock all CWTV services. In case your VPN vendor has got several VPN servers inside US, search for a server that is closest to your current location so that you get faster video streaming speeds.

6) Go to the CWTV website again and check whether or not you are able to watch the programs. To view CWTV programs through Smartphones and tablets, close the official CWTV app and restart it to unlock all its features. Congratulations, you can now watch CWTV shows from pretty much any location across the globe.

June 20, 2013

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