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How To Unblock Person Of Interest Episodes From Outside US With A VPN

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Person Of Interest is a thriller and crime drama television series that made its debut in September’ 2011. The series was developed by Jonathan Nolan (who wrote the screenplay for blockbusters like The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises) for the CBS Channel. Person Of Interest has received a great response from audiences as well as critics (IMDB rating of 8.2 and Metacritic score of 65 for season 1). The series has been nominated for NAACP Image, Primetime Emmy and People’s Choice awards and was renewed for a third season in 2013.

Person Of Interest Storyline And Plot

Person Of Interest tells the story of a former CIA agent John Reese (played by Jim Caviezel) who is recruited by a tech genius and billionaire Harold Finch (played by Michael Emerson) to fight violent crimes. Harold has invented a surveillance machine which can monitor all kinds of electronic data and communication, be it cell phone conversations, emails or footage captured by surveillance cameras; and which is used by the government to prevent future crimes. When the government chooses to ignore the crimes committed by ordinary guys, Harold builds a secret back door in the machine that reveals the social security number of future criminals and teams up with John to fight violent crimes.

Person Of Interest Availability

The first and second seasons of Person Of Interest were telecast on the CBS channel on Thursdays at 9 PM. For the third season, the show has been moved to the 10 PM slot on Thursdays. The show’s episodes are also available online through the official CBS website (cbs.com). However, the availability of the show’s online episodes is restricted to viewers who are accessing the site from mainland United States. International visitors, as well as expats and travelers who are abroad, come across the message – “The video you have requested is not available for your geographic region” whenever they try to watch Person Of Interest episodes from a different country.

How CBS Blocks Access To Person Of Interest

CBS has partnered with a lot of international channels and content providers (Channel 5 in UK, Canal+ in Sweden, CTV and City in Canada, RTL in Germany among others) to distribute Person Of Interest abroad. Due to the content sharing agreements signed between CBS and its partners, the channel doesn’t own the rights to telecast the show outside US through any medium (including the internet). To implement these measures online, CBS needs to check the IP address of its visitors and restrict international visitors (people having non-US IP address) from accessing the show’s videos and full episodes.

Since the location determination is done by using IP address, it is fairly easy to access Person Of Interest episodes from any location by using an IP changing service. There are many proxy and VPN services available that can provide a US based IP address at very cheap rates. But it makes sense to use a VPN to access CBS shows since VPNs deliver extremely fast speeds plus they never leak your real IP address.

How To Unblock Person Of Interest Episodes From Outside US With A VPN

Step 1: Join a VPN service that can provide you with US IP addresses. For unlocking Person Of Interest episodes, check the high speed plans from ExpressVPNBolehVPNSwitchVPNOverplay or HideMyAss. These vendors are known for their reliable VPN service and are able to deliver blazing fast streaming speeds without any throttling.

Step 2: If your VPN vendor offers its own custom-made VPN software then download and install it on your machine. In case the vendor doesn’t provide a custom VPN tool or if you want to setup the service on a mobile device, you must configure the service manually by referring to the setup instructions applicable for your device and operating system.

Step 3: Save the latest network configuration and/or restart the machine. For mobile devices, it is also necessary to restart the official CBS app after applying the new changes so that it can use the latest network configuration.

Step 4: Click on the VPN Connection name or its icon to connect to the service. The connection time required to connect to the default VPN server would depend on the speed delivered by your ISP and your current geographical location.

Step 5: Check the location of the default server. If it is not from US then you must search for and use a US based server provided by your vendor before connecting to the CBS site. Also, remember to choose a server located nearest to your current location in case your VPN company has more than one server in United States.

Step 6: Visit the CBS website again or restart the CBS app to unlock Person Of Interest episodes. Click on title names of different Person Of Interest episodes to ensure that you can watch the videos from your current location. If you face speed or connectivity problems, don’t forget to get the issue resolved by contacting the support staff of your VPN provider.

October 17, 2013

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