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How to Unblock “Chicago Fire” Online Outside of the USA

Sunday, October 27th, 2013

Chicago Fire is a drama television series which premiered on NBC in October’ 2012. The series was developed by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas and produced by Law & Order show’s creator Dick Wolf. Despite receiving mixed reviews from the critics, the first season of Chicago Fire received a positive response from the audience which prompted NBC to renew the series for its second season.

Chicago Fire Storyline and Plot

Chicago Fire explores the professional as well as personal lives of the firefighters and paramedics working for the Chicago Fire Department. When the firefighter Andrew Darden dies in the line of the duty, cracks appear within the unit as the officers-in-charge of Truck Co. 81 and Squad Co. 3, Lieutenant Matthew Casey and Kelly Severide, blame each other for the mishap. In spite of their differences, the unit members get united and start working together when Firefighter Christopher Herrmann is nearly killed while fighting a blaze.

Chicago Fire availability

During its first season, Chicago Fire was telecast on Wednesday nights at 10 P.M. on the NBC channel. However, for its second season, NBC decided to shift the show to Tuesday night 9 P.M. slot. The series is also available for online viewing through NBC’s official website (nbc.com/chicago-fire) but the online availability of the show is restricted just to US residents. Whenever people try to access Chicago Fire episodes from a different country, they would just see the message – “We’re sorry, but the clip yous elected isn’t available from your location. Please select another clip”. These restrictions are especially problematic for expats and tourists who cannot watch the latest episodes of the show due to their location.

Why NBC Blocks Access To Chicago Fire And How To Bypass Such Restrictions

NBC has tied up with various international broadcasters and TV channels to distribute Chicago Fire outside USA (Global TV in Canada, Sky Living in UK and Ireland, Fox 8 in Australia, Universal Channel in Latin America and TV3 in New Zealand). Due to the content sharing terms signed by NBC and its partners, the channel cannot broadcast the show outside US. To enforce these terms online, NBC scans the IP address of all the people visiting its portal and only allows US residents (viewers with US IPs) to watch the show’s episodes online.

In order to unlock the latest episodes of Chicago Fire from an overseas location, you need to change your IP address and switch to a US IP. This can be done by using an IP changing service such as a proxy or a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Although proxies are wallet friendly and easier to use, VPNs offer speed and privacy advantages that make them ideal for unlocking NBC shows from abroad.

How To Unblock Chicago Fire From Outside US With A VPN

Step 1: Subscribe to a VPN service which can offer US IP addresses to its subscribers. To unlock Chicago Fire from abroad, we recommend that you subscribe to unlimited speed plans from VyprVPN, HIDEIPVPN, Kepard, IPVanish or ExpressVPN. These VPN providers not only provide a fast and dependable VPN service but also offer IP addresses from several countries including multiple cities from United States.

Step 2: Next, configure the service on your computer or mobile device as per the instructions provided by your VPN vendor. If you want to install the service on a computer then check whether your provider offers a custom client for your system. Many VPN companies offer proprietary software for Windows but other operating systems like Mac, Linux, Android and iOS would require manual configuration.

Step 3: Once the setup is complete, save the new connection details. If you installed a custom VPN client then you may also need to reboot the system for the network changes to take effect. For mobile devices like tablets or Smartphones, it is also essential to close and restart the NBC app so that it can utilize the latest network setting while connecting to the NBC website.

Step 4: Tap on the Connect button on your mobile screen or click on the desktop icon to start the service. You may have to wait for few minutes (especially if you have a slow internet connection or if you are located far away from the server) before you get connected to the service.

Step 5: As soon as the connection is established, verify that you have been assigned a US IP address by the service. This step is optional if you configured the service manually since you would automatically be connected to the US VPN server that you specified during the setup process. However, if you installed a custom VPN client then you need to double check the IP location and then only proceed to the NBC website. In case you have been allocated a non-US IP by your VPN service then you must switch to a US server manually by choosing a US VPN server from the list of available servers.

Step 6: Connect to the NBC website via the browser or through the NBC app. Visit the Chicago Fire page on the site and check if you can watch the latest episodes of the series by clicking on episode names. Congratulations, you have successfully unlocked Chicago Fire from all the countries in the world.

October 27, 2013

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