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How to Stream “Psych” Online from Outside of the USA

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Psych is a police procedural and comedy-drama series that airs on the USA Network. The series, which made its debut in July’ 2006, was developed by Steve Franks and produced by him along with Tagline Television. Psych has received a very good response from the audience (IMDB rating of 8.2) and the show was even nominated for Primetime Emmy, People’s Choice and Satellite awards for its past seasons. The series is USA Network’s longest running original show currently on air and it has also been renewed for an eight season which will premiere in 2014.

Psych Storyline And Plot

Psych follows Shawn Spencer (James Roday), a crime consultant with unusual powers of observation. Shawn developed his remarkable talent under the watchful eye of his father Henry, who was a policeman in Santa Barbara Police Department. When Shawn fails to get a job, he helps the police to solve difficult cases by giving them anonymous tips. But when his tips prove to be extremely accurate, he is suspected of being involved in the crime itself. To save his neck, Shawn pretends to be a psychic and even opens a psychic detective agency. He also ropes in his childhood friend Burton “Gus” Guster and continues to help the police to solve unsolved crimes.

Psych Broadcast Schedule And Availability

Since the last three seasons, Psych is telecast on Wednesday nights at 10 P.M. on the USA Network channel. The series episodes are also available on the web through the USA Network portal (usanetwork.com/psych) but their availability is restricted within US mainland. Even US expats and tourists cannot watch the show from abroad and come across this message – “This content is not available in your location” whenever they try to watch the series episodes online.

Why Does USA Network Block Psych Episodes Online?

USA Network has tied up with many content providers to distribute Psych around the world. Due to the content sharing deals signed by USA Network and its partners, the channel loses the right to broadcast the show outside US. In order to strictly adhere to the sharing agreements, USA Network scans the IP address of its visitors and only allows viewers with a US IP address to access full episodes of Psych.

If Psych happens to be your favorite TV show and you want to access it from abroad then you must change the default IP address provided by your ISP and switch to a US IP address. While this definitely sounds complicated, in reality it is easy to change IP within few clicks just by subscribing to a good IP changing service. As far as IP changing solutions are concerned, Proxies and Virtual Private Networks top the list. Although proxies are known to be cheaper and user friendly, they are not able to deliver high speeds and top grade privacy necessary for unlocking streaming services from overseas. As such, it is much better to subscribe to a reliable VPN provider to unlock Psych (and other IP restricted shows) from a foreign country.

How To Unlock Psych From Anywhere With A VPN

Step 1: Subscribe to an affordable and reliable VPN service that delivers US based IPs. As far as unlocking Psych episodes are concerned, we recommend that you sign up with one of these providers – PureVPN, IPVanish, Kepard, BolehVPN and HideMyAss. These vendors are renowned for their US VPN service and provide high speeds and unrestricted bandwidth at very affordable rates.

Step 2: Create a new network connection on your Smartphone, tablet or computer and input the server details as well as login credentials provided to you. For some systems like Windows and Mac, it is even possible to configure the service through a custom VPN tool. The proprietary VPN solutions not only help you to start the service with a single click but also allow you to change servers, check server status and even contact the support staff right from within the tool.

Step 3: Save the network connection details and restart the system if you installed a VPN tool on your machine. In addition, you must also close and restart the USA Network app on your mobile device so that it can use the VPN connection parameters to connect to USA Network’s official portal.

Step 4: Start the service by clicking on the network (VPN) connection name or by clicking the desktop icon. Depending on your real location and the internet speed available to you, you may have to wait for as little as few seconds to as much as few minutes for the service to establish a connection.

Step 5: Once you are connected to the default VPN server, verify that you have a US IP address by visiting an IP checking site. Most big VPN vendors have installed their servers throughout the world so it is not unusual to get a non-US IP address by default. In such an event, just browse through the server list and switch to a US based VPN server manually. If your VPN company has lots of servers within US, just remember to pick a server located near your actual location so that you can enjoy USA Network shows at best speeds.

Step 6: Visit the USA Network portal again and click on Psych episode titles in order to unlock them. Also, remember to close and restart the USA Network app after changing your IP if you wish to unlock Psych’s full episodes and videos through a mobile device. Congratulations, you are now free to enjoy Psych series from almost any location in the world.

November 6, 2013

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