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How To Stream Live MLB Games And Avoid MLB TV Blackouts

Friday, July 5th, 2013

Major League Baseball (MLB) is one of the biggest professional sports league within United States and Canada. The league comprises of 30 teams that play 162 games over a period of 6 months. Apart from traditional sports channels, the action is now also available through official MLB website in the form of MLB TV (mlb.mlb.com/mlb/subscriptions). MLB TV is also available on iPhones, iPads, Android devices and gaming consoles through native apps.

While MLB TV provides an excellent way to watch MLB games, it is not without its flaws. For instance, users from United States cannot watch live games and have to face blackouts whenever the native team is playing a game. This is done due to copyright issues since MLB doesn’t have rights to broadcast the games Live within United States and Canada. Surprisingly, the international audience doesn’t have to face this problem and they can watch MLB games live without facing any delays or blackouts.

Needles to say, the MLB TV blackouts deprive baseball fans of live action and pivotal game moments. MLB is able to determine the location of its visitors through their IP address. So the best way to avoid MLB TV blackout is to project that you are trying to access the MLB site from a different state or country. This can easily be achieved by using an IP changing service like proxy or virtual private network.

For unlocking web based streaming services like MLB TV, VPNs are considered better than proxies. That’s because a VPN is able to deliver true anonymity (without leaking IP address) and high speeds that are essential for accessing web based streaming services. On the other hand, proxies are notoriously slow plus they may even leak your real IP address so content providers like MLB can easily block you from accessing MLB TV.

How To Stream Live MLB Games With A VPN

Step 1:  Subscribe to a VPN service which provides non-US or multiple US IP addresses. To unlock MLB TV, we recommend that you subscribe to IPVanishExpressVPNPureVPNHideMyAssOverplayInvisible Browsing VPN, etc. since these providers offer IP addresses from several locations around the world including multiple US IPs.

Step 2:  Next you need to configure your network settings or install the VPN client based on the information provided by your VPN provider. For mobile devices, no installation is needed and you just need to modify few network settings.

Step 3:  As soon as the client installation and change of network settings is complete, save and apply changes. You might even have to reboot your PC for the network setting changes to take effect. As far as tablets and Smartphones are concerned, you only need to save and apply the changes and close and restart apps to make use of the most recent network setting.

Step 4:  Initiate the VPN program by clicking on the Virtual private network icon or simply click on the Connect button.

Step 5:  Choose a US VPN server that is not from the two states whose teams are playing the games. In case your VPN provider doesn’t offer such a server, choose an IP address from a different country. On the other hand, if your VPN provider offers multiple servers in US, choose the nearest server that doesn’t belong to the states playing the game. Choosing a nearby server will offer you the best streaming and buffering speeds.

Step 6:  Visit the MLB TV website and check whether you are able to watch the game. If you see any blackout message then try to access the MLB TV site from a different server. For mobile devices, you just need to close the MLB TV app and start it again so that it picks up the latest network configuration.

Congratulations, you are now free to enjoy live MLB games from any location.

July 5, 2013

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