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How To Make Free Calls and Save on Google Voice

Sunday, August 25th, 2013

Google Voice (earlier known as GrandCentral) is a revolutionary communication service from Google that allows its users to make and receive calls through a web-based interface. The service provides PC-to-PC and PC-to-phone calling at attractive rates and offers several innovative features that are not yet available with other online communication providers. Moreover, unlike popular services like Skype, Google Voice is not a VOIP service but instead it relies on carrier’s network to make and deliver phone calls. The service is also available for Smartphones and tablets through iOS and Android based native apps.

Free Calls in the US and Canada

Google Voice offers several benefits over rival communication services. For instance, the service allows US and Canadian customers to make unlimited free local calls, send free SMS and make international calls starting from 2 cents per minute. The service even provides a local phone number for its US based customers which can be configured on any landline, computer or mobile device and can be used to receive incoming calls. In addition, the service offers features like call routing, call recording and archiving, voicemail facility, number forwarding, conference calling, call screening and call blocking. Google Voice is also available to international customers (only within certain countries) but the service is not free and the customers get charged at rates decided by Google.

Saving Money While Making Calls Through Google Voice

It is clear from the above paragraph that Google Voice subscribers based in United States and Canada can save substantial amount of money while making local and international calls. For international customers, the service is not only expensive but it also delivers far less features. Since Google checks the location of its visitors through their IP address, not everyone can access the US version of Google Voice website. This can also pose a challenge for expats and travelers who cannot make calls at low rates due to their location.

In order to save money and access all features of Google Voice, you need to change your IP address and trick Google into believing that you are accessing the site from United States. Proxies and VPNs are often considered as the easiest options to change IP address but VPNs are far better since they deliver foolproof privacy and better browsing speeds.

How To Access Google Voice From Outside US Through A VPN

Step 1:  Subscribe to a VPN provider with at least one server in United States. For accessing all the features of Google Voice, we recommend subscribing to services like StrongVPNproXPNExpressVPNPureVPN, etc. since these providers are well-known for their US based VPN plans.

Step 2:  Next you need to configure the service or install the VPN client as per the recommendations of your provider. For mobile devices like tablets and Smartphones, there is no installation necessary but you have to create a new VPN connection and tweak certain parameters.

Step 3:  When the software installation or change of network settings is done, save and apply the changes. Additionally you may need to reboot your computer for the network configuration changes to become effective. As far as mobile devices are concerned, you just need to restart the Google Voice app so that it uses the new network settings.

Step 4:  Connect to the newly created VPN service by tapping on Connect button or clicking on VPN icon on desktop. Depending on your location and internet speed, it could take few minutes for the service to locate its default server.

Step 5:  Select a server from United States in case you are not connected to a server from the country. Most VPN vendors offer servers in several countries so you may have to change and select a US based server manually in order to unlock low call rates and other features offered by Google Voice.

Step 6:  Visit the Google Voice website and check whether you are able to access all the features and make free calls to US and Canada based numbers. In case you wish to connect through a mobile device, close and restart Google Voice app and check whether you are able to unlock all features. Congratulations, you can now get low call rates on Google Voice from any country in the world.

August 25, 2013

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