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How To Get the Cheapest Price When Buying Games On Steam

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

Steam is a digital distribution platform for games and a hub for gaming enthusiasts. The custom software provided by Steam allows users to buy games, save game settings in the cloud, make new friends and chat with them right from inside games and even manage games and gaming accounts from different computers. For publishers, Steam offers copy protection, support for user generated content, networking features and even the ability to accept micro transactions and deliver gaming related merchandise. The Steam software is currently available for Windows, Linux, Mac and PS 3 and the site has more than 50 million active user accounts making it one of the largest online gaming platforms.

Different Pricing Per Region 

The Steam platform includes a digital store, known as Steam Store (store.steampowered.com), that can be used to buy games digitally. The storefront allows users to buy games for themselves or gift them to other Steam users. Once the license key for a particular game is activated on a user’s Steam account, it remains attached to the account forever and can be used to access the game from any compatible device. The platform also allows users to add non-Steam games and access them through user-defined shortcuts and even provides limited number of free games.

The price of games on the Steam Store is not uniform across all regions; it can vary significantly from one regional store to another. The price difference could be huge (as much as $50 for a single game) and can upset the entire monthly budget of gamers. Moreover, not all games are available in all regions due to publisher restrictions, gaming classifications and staggered release dates. This makes buying games from certain regions a very expensive proposition while gamers from other regions are able to enjoy games at reasonable rates.

Saving Money While Buying Games

There are several ways to save money as far as buying games on Steam is concerned. You can ask one of your friends to buy and gift games to you through the Steam platform. However, this is not only inconvenient for both parties; it may also lead to account suspension if the guys at Steam suspect that you are trying to circumvent region based pricing. There is also an option to buy gaming keys from non-authorized Steam resellers but it is fraught with risk since the company may remove your license and even suspend your account if it suspects any foul play. The best option to save money while buying games or gaming keys on Steam is to change your IP address and buy the games and licenses from a different region where the prices are lower. The easiest way to change IP address is to use a proxy service or a Virtual Private Network. However, a lot of proxies leak real IP addresses so it is recommended that you use a VPN while buying from the Steam Store.

Saving Money On Steam With A VPN

Step 1: Get a VPN account from a vendor having a VPN server in the country where the games are priced lower. There are several renowned VPN providers like  HideMyAss,  IPVanish,  VyprVPN,  Overplay,  StrongVPN, proXPNExpressVPN, etc. that have servers in multiple countries so you would be able to buy the game from the country of your choice. 

Step 2: You’ll need to configure the service or install a VPN program as per the information supplied by your VPN provider. For mobile devices like tablets and Smartphones, there is typically no installation needed but you have to set up the service by modifying a couple of network parameters.

Step 3:  When the software installation or change of network settings is finished, save thenew settings. Additionally you may need to reboot your computer for the network configuration changes to become effective.

Step 4: Connect to the service just by tapping on the Connect key or by clicking on the VPN icon. Depending upon your ISP speed and present location, it might take few moments for the service to locate its default server.

Step 5:  Select the VPN server from the country of your choice. Nearly all VPN service providers have servers in multiple countries so you would have to switch servers manually and choose a server from the country from where you wish to buy the games.

Step 6:  Connect to the Steam website and buy the games or license keys. You may also wish to create a new Steam account before buying games in case you do not want to risk your original Steam account. After buying the license, you may play the game from the new account or gift the key to your old Steam account. Repeat the steps whenever you want to buy a new game on Steam and in the long term you would be able to save a significant amount of money.

August 24, 2013

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