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How to Fix “We’re sorry, this video is not available in your location”

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Have you been in a situation where you are craving to see a new video on your favorite topic only to receive a message on your screen saying “we’re sorry, this video is not available in your location”. No need to get frustrated, there is a trick on how to fix “we’re sorry…this video is not available in your location” messages associate with access denial. If you are living abroad, you can probably testify to the annoying feeling after receiving a denial of service message- whenever you want to access great HQ streaming services such as Tr3s, Hulu and NetFlix among others. I bet it is even more annoying for those who have moved from America and need to access their favorite sites from abroad. I will reveal to you why you receive these denial messages and what you can do to avoid them.

Did you know that websites can detect your location just by looking at the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your Internet Service Provide? An IP address is a unique number assigned to you by your local Internet Service Provider (ISP) so that you can access the web and surf the internet. There are a number of websites and HQ streaming services that limit their services to American IP addresses. This means that you cannot access the specific sites if your IP address is not American. This denial to service is normally accompanied by a very annoying message that comes to your screen once you click on a HQ streaming website. For example, if Netflix determines that you are trying to access their site from outside of the United States they will send a message saying, “Sorry, Netflix hasn’t come to this part of the world yet.”

It is unfortunate that we cannot do without our IP address since we require it to receive packages through the router. Without the IP address the routers would not know where to send the requested information packages. IP addresses have always been there and will continue to exist a long time from now, maybe even forever. Technically speaking, you can never change or swap your IP address; however you can hide your real IP address. As the saying goes, if you cannot go through an obstacle, you can always go around it. You can now outsmart the websites that are determined to deny you access based on your location. Did you know that by establishing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) you can effectively hide your IP address and any information associated with your IP address, hence hiding your true location?

There are a number of VPN obtainable to the public nowadays; you can easily go the internet and inherit an American IP address. The trick is to identify a service that is built on secure servers since any techie can actually set up a VPN. Once you inherit an American from a trusted VPN server, an encrypted tunnel is virtually created between your PC and the VPN server. This basically hides your IP address by changing how you access the internet. Any request you send through your browser will not go through your ISP to the requested website but rather the request goes through VPN tunnel to the VPN server then to the requested website. Information packages to and from your browser is conducted through the VPN tunnel. All this, of course, happens in the background and you will not notice the whole operation since you will be surfing as usual. When you connect to the web using the secure VPN, your real IP is hidden since you use the IP address of the VPN server you are actually connected to. The website owner of the sites you visit will, therefore, not be able to know who you are or where you are located. You can hence surf the internet from abroad as if you are actually in the US.

Apart from offering an easy approach on how to fix “we’re sorry…this video is not available in your location” inconvenience, you can actually unblock sites that were blocked to your IP address based on other reasons. In addition, by accessing the internet using VPN server you can effectively evade hackers, eavesdroppers, the corporate marketing teams and even the government since no information related to your real IP can be accessed by even the most brilliant hackers. Getting a personal VPN is really a necessity when it comes to securing uninterrupted access to your favorite streaming services, from anywhere in the world.

March 14, 2013
  1. Dan said on October 25, 2013 11:49 am:

    Nice article. But you forgot one important tidbit… How to fix it? Your title says: How to Fix “We’re sorry, this video is not available in your location. So, this article is incomplete

  2. BLues said on August 18, 2013 10:20 pm:

    This is really s****d to limit the INTERNET. The idea of the Internet is that you can access it anywhere anytime – the Internet is the place that cannot/should not stand limits. By building limits they destroy this idea.

    Suppose you travel to another country and it turns out you cannot access your favourite website or check forum news.

    Hands Off The Internet!!

  3. finally! said on March 15, 2013 3:44 am:

    finally! I have seen this on hulu, and yahoo! i can finally get rid of the stupid…. sorry…this content is not available in your location! thanks!

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