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How To Beat Cablevision’s Six Strikes Anti Piracy Program

Monday, August 5th, 2013

The Six Strikes anti-piracy system is a major development towards curbing online piracy. Officially called the Copyright Alert System, the system also marks the first time when copyright holders and Internet Service Providers have joined hands on such a scale to fight online piracy. The system envisions warning users who participate in file sharing and torrenting activities as a first step and taking a drastic action against those who continue to share copyrighted content even after repeated warnings.

Cablevision Six Strikes Program

Since the official CAS framework doesn’t specify how the system should be rolled out, each ISP has implemented its own version of the system. Cablevision has decided to implement a strict version of Six Strikes program that involves disputing and disconnecting the internet connection of those users who repeatedly participate in P2P activities. As a first step, the company will send a warning message to the users whenever they share copyrighted material. If a customer continues to share copyrighted material even after 5 warnings, Cablevision will disconnect the internet connection for a period of 24 hours unless the user calls the company’s representatives. The customer will have to shell out money to challenge the alerts but Cablevision will refund it if the customer is proven right.

How To Beat Cablevision’s Six Strikes Program

Now that you know that Cablevision is serious about curbing online piracy, you need to explore options to beat the dreaded CAS system. Here are some simple ways that allow you to bypass the monitoring from the company:

Using A Virtual Private Network

Virtual private networks are used by a lot of organizations and individuals to secure their network connections. A VPN allows you to beat the Six Strikes program as well since it encrypts your traffic and protects your web sessions from all kinds of monitoring. When you use a VPN, Cablevision will just see a stream of traffic connected to the VPN server but it won’t be able to make out whether or not you are indulging in file sharing activities. What’s more, VPN providers do not throttle speed so you don’t have to compromise on your usual online activities.

Using A Proxy Server

A proxy server is a decent alternative to VPN that allows you to circumvent the CAS system. A proxy server acts as an intermediate layer between the users and web servers. When you use a proxy server, anyone monitoring your connection will see that you are connected to the proxy server but they won’t be able to make out what other sites you are visiting. However proxy servers are notorious for leaking personal details so using them is not the most secure way to beat the Six Strikes system.


As you can see, using a VPN is your best bet to beat the Cablevision Six Strikes Program. When it comes to choosing VPN providers, there are some great options available that allow you to bypass all types of monitoring. In particular, check out the VPN plans offered by VyprVPN,HideMyAss, PureVPNIPVanish and StrongVPN since these providers are renowned for their affordable and secure VPN plans.

August 5, 2013

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