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How To Access WatchESPN From Anywhere

Monday, April 7th, 2014

WatchESPN is your one stop destination all ESPN programs. The WatchESPN streaming service and apps allow you to watch news, sports programming, live events and replays from ESPN, ESPNU, ESPNews, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPN Goal Line, ESPN Deportes and ESPN Buzzer Beater channels on your Smart TVs, gaming consoles, computers and mobile devices. Through WatchESPN, you would be able to watch your favorite ESPN shows like SportsCenter, SportsNation, PTI and Mike and Mike In The Morning as well as live events like Tennis Grand Slam tournaments, NBA games, College Basketball and Football, The Masters, The Open Championship and U.S. Open from a device of your choice. In addition, the service includes a Live Toolbar feature for iPads and iPad Mini that provides quick access to live scores, channel guides and top videos from the ESPN site as well as several Conference Channels to showcase events like Olympics and college football.

WatchESPN is currently available at no additional cost to all ESPN cable subscribers. People who do not have an ESPN cable subscription can still access the ESPN3 programs on WatchESPN if they subscribe to a participating ISP. Android, Roku, Apple TV and FireTV users who do not have a participating ISP subscription can just watch On-Demand clips available on ESPN.com through WatchESPN. Since August’2013, ESPN3 is also available for free to those who access the WatchESPN website or apps through a college (.edu) or military (.mil) network.

In addition to the subscription based limitations imposed by WatchESPN, the service also checks the IP address of viewers to determine their location. As of now, the service is available only to US residents so people trying to access it from a foreign location would not be able to stream live events and ESPN shows owing to their non-US IP addresses.

How To Access WatchESPN From Another Country?

As you can see from above, ESPN has put several restrictions in place to prevent non-US citizens from accessing WatchESPN. However, this is certainly not good news for US expats, tourists, frequent fliers and students located abroad who want to access their favorite ESPN shows and sporting events even from foreign locations. The easiest way to watch ESPN streams from abroad is to visit third party websites who provide WatchESPN feeds for free. However, the quality available through these websites is not up to the mark since they are being accessed by thousands of sports fans at the same time. Some streaming sites may even install malicious spywares and malwares into your computer or mobile device through their Video Player apps so it is advisable to be cautious while installing programs from these streaming websites.

For those who want to watch their favorite ESPN shows and live events in HD quality, there is another solution available that allows you to access the WatchESPN website but it requires a little bit of investment.

Follow the steps given below to unlock WatchESPN from anywhere:

1) Make sure that you have a valid ESPN subscription. For some of the content, it will require that you are an existing ESPN customer and will need to login via your cable provider information. Sorry, you really can’t get around this one. ¬†However, if you cannot buy the subscription due to your location, you can ask one of your friends or relatives who is based in US to share his subscription details.

2) Mask your IP Address. The next step is to mask your IP address so that the WatchESPN service cannot detect that you are not in United States. This can be done by changing your IP address to a US IP through a privacy solution like a Virtual Private Network or a proxy service. However, using proxies is not really recommended since they cannot deliver high streaming speeds and some of them may even leak your real IP address to ESPN. VPNs are tailor made for unblocking streaming services from abroad but you must first ask the support staff of all VPN providers if the WatchESPN website can be accessed through their service. This step is necessary to bypass the ISP based restrictions put in place by ESPN. Once you have a US IP along with a valid ESPN subscription, you should be able to unlock the WatchESPN service from anywhere.

Recommended VPN providers for unblocking WatchESPN from overseas:

April 7, 2014

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