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HidePad VPN Review – Dedicated Privacy Solution For iPads

Thursday, July 9th, 2015

HidePad is a dedicated privacy solution for iPads. Launched in 2010, the service claims to offer bulletproof security and 100% privacy to iPad users. In this HidePad VPN review, we will check whether these claims are true and help you to make a subscription decision.

Server Locations & Site Access – With a HidePad subscription, subscribers can virtually reside in any one of the following 26 countries:

USA (New York, Miami, Missouri, North Carolina, Virginia, Montana), United Kingdom (8 servers), France (4 servers), Ukraine (2 servers), Netherlands (2 servers), Canada, Singapore, Sweden, Australia, Estonia, Iceland, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Russia, Romania, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Isle of Man, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Austria, Chile and Pakistan.

The well spread out server network is a boon for expats, business travelers and tourists who want to access their favorite streaming services on their iPads. Once you connect to the service, you can easily unblock NBC, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Instant Videos, Canal+, Netflix, iTV Player, Mio TV, Zattoo, Channel Ten, Pandora, TNT, Rai TV, RTE Player, City TV, Rara, Hulu, Spotify, ABC iView, CWTV, Foxtel Play, Russia TV, Voddler, HBO Now, Vudu, Sky Go, HBO Go, USA Network, Xfinity, Eurosport, MyTV, Direct 8, Spacecast, Lovefilm, CTV, The Comedy Network, ABC Player, Arte, CBS, 4OD, Global TV, FOX, Much Music, RTL, Deezer, CBC, Demand 5, NHL, TVB, MLB, Bravo, Vevo and MTV from any city or region in the world. And if you are worried that you won’t be able to access sites like Gmail, Skype, Facebook, YouTube, Viber and Twitter from a foreign country, you are in luck since HidePad can not only bypass stringent firewalls of corporate houses, it can also bypass restrictions set up by the governments of China, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Brazil.

The service is also meant for people who want to stream movies and TV shows from many different countries. There is absolutely no restriction on number of server switches so you can change your IP as many times as you want and access geographically restricted content from dozens of different countries.

VPN Speed & Bandwidth – HidePad promises to offer a lightning fast VPN solution. The service not only offers unlimited monthly bandwidth to its subscribers, it provides good speeds for a wide variety of online activities including streaming, VOIP, online gaming and of course browsing and downloading.

Privacy Settings – HidePad guarantees highest level of security and privacy for your iPad. The service relies on PPTP and L2TP/IPSec protocols to secure your online sessions and makes use of 128/256 bit encryption to encrypt your sensitive data (including bank login details, credit card numbers, financial transactions and social networking activities). This ensures that the data leaving or arriving on your iPad remains secure and your sensitive details and online sessions cannot be stolen by hackers or spied upon by ISPs and corporate entities. The service even tunnels your web sessions via a secure tunnel when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi hotspot so you can go online at public places without having to worry about your privacy or the safety of your data.

HidePad collects usage logs (including IP addresses) for a period of 2 days. While the company doesn’t sell or rent subscriber data, it may hand over personal details of subscribers to the police if an illegal activity is committed via their network.

Supported Operating Systems – HidePad is custom designed VPN solution for iPads. There is no app available for the service so you must configure the service manually. However, the setup process is extremely simple and the company even provides step by step configuration details (with pictures) for those who do not have experience with VPNs.

Customer Support – HidePad provides customer support via email. There is not much troubleshooting information on the company’s website so the lack of live chat support is indeed a downside.

Pricing Options – HidePad offers monthly and yearly plans to its customers. The service costs $8.99 for a month, $83.88 for a year ($6.99/ month), $143.76 for 2 years ($5.99/ month) and $179.64 for 3 years ($4.99/ month). There are no free trials available for new subscribers but the company does offer a 60 day money back guarantee which should be more than enough to test the capabilities of the service. On the downside, the company doesn’t have its own payment system; the payments are processed via Clickbank which is a digital marketplace for digital products and ebooks.

Final Verdict – If you travel a lot and need to secure your iPad then HidePad looks like a good privacy solution. While there is no OpenVPN protection available through the service, customers get to choose IPs from 26 different countries. Since there is 60 day money back guarantee available, I would definitely recommend that you check out the service. For more information, please visit: www.hidepad.com.

July 9, 2015

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