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HideMyTrax VPN Review – Unmatched Security And Privacy On Offer

Monday, July 6th, 2015

HideMyTrax is a Canada based service provider that offers multiple security and privacy solutions. The service is operated by Ottawa based C3SA Corp., a company that provides consultancy for cyber security audits and has more than 35 years of experience in networking and security industry. The VPN service offered by the company is the result of delivering 15+ years of security and privacy services to the Canadian government, academic institutions, industry and independent groups. This HideMyTrax VPN review will focus on strengths and weaknesses of the service and offer a subscription recommendation.

Server Locations & Site Access – HideMyTrax has multiple servers in United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Canada and Germany. Although the choice of IP locations is on the lower side, the service is tailor made for accessing GEO-IP locked services from the above 5 locations.

Once your subscription process is complete, you would be able to access premium streaming services like Netflix, HBO Go, BBC iPlayer, TNT, Lovefilm, Rara, Deezer, CBC, Vevo, Amazon Instant Videos, Pandora, Arte, Zattoo, FOX, USA Network, Xfinity, City TV, iTV Player, Spotify, RTL, Vudu, The Comedy Network, Sky Go, NHL, Demand 5, Global TV, ABC Player, Much Music, Hulu, MTV, CTV, Eurosport, NBC, Bravo, E!, MLB, CWTV, 4OD, CBS, Spacecast and HBO Now from virtually any location in the world. And as if this was not enough, the service will also unlock restrictions and firewalls put in place by the governments, ISPs and institutions allowing you to access some of the most popular sites on the internet (Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Gmail and YouTube) from any country (even China, Middle East and Latin America) or network (school, office, university). Also, since the provider allows unlimited number of server switches, you can essentially unlock hundreds of streaming and local services that are only available in the above 5 countries.

VPN Speed & Bandwidth – HideMyTrax delivers unrestricted speeds and unmetered bandwidth to all subscribers. The company has a robust infrastructure in place (dedicated servers, 100 MBPS – 1 GBPS port speeds) so it is able to deliver 100% uptime and extremely fast speeds that are required for streaming of HD content, video conferencing, multiplayer gaming and downloading. The service even permits legal P2P traffic so you can share/download content without exposing your real IP.

Privacy Settings – HideMyTrax relies on only the most secure VPN protocols (OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec) to deliver its VPN service. All internet traffic passing through the company’s network gets encrypted with 256 encryption which means not even the government, ISP or skilled hackers would be able to keep track of your online sessions. The service not only hides your real IP and secures your sensitive data (including but not limited to passwords, social security number, credit card numbers) but it also protects you from snoopers, man in the middle type of attacks and deep packet inspection carried out by the intelligence agencies. Additionally, the provider also secures your sessions with firewalls, malware scanners and intrusion prevention filters.

HideMyTRAX does not record any personally identifiable information when you are connected to the company’s servers. The company will not share any information about you with anybody unless it is directed to do so by a court of law.

Supported Operating Systems – HideMyTRAX can be easily configured on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, Boxee, PS3, Xbox as well as DD-WRT routers. The provider offers installers for Windows, Mac and Linux but users of other systems would need to configure the service manually. Thanks to the step-by-step instructions available on the customer’s dashboard, installing and using the service is as easy as clicking on few buttons. The company allows one OpenVPN and one L2TP connection at the same time so you can secure your computer and Smartphone or tablet with just one account.

Customer Support – HideMyTRAX provides excellent support through live chat and tickets. The company has support teams located in Canada and Europe so it is able to offer live support to customers from several different time regions.

Pricing Options – HideMyTRAX VPN costs $7 CAD per month, $20 CAD for 3 months and $50 CAD for one year. The company doesn’t seem to offer free trials or refunds so the only way to test the service is to subscribe to the monthly plan.

Final Verdict – On the whole, HideMyTRAX delivers on most parameters. While the provider has servers at just 5 locations and it doesn’t offer trials or refunds, it delivers robust security and a fast service. If you are not happy with your current VPN service provider then I recommend that you check out the extremely secure privacy solution offered by HideMyTRAX. For more information, please visit: www.hidemytrax.ca.

July 6, 2015

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