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HideMyAss Acquired by AVG for $60 Million

Thursday, May 7th, 2015

Privax, the parent company that is behind the highly successful HideMyAss VPN service was acquired by anti-virus giant AVG Technologies for $60 million dollars. It was reported that $40 million was paid in cash, and the remaining $20 million would be paid within the year after certain company milestones and transitions took place. This is to date for sure one of the largest acquisitions in the personal VPN space to date, and further brings to the forefront the quick progress that VPN has made to the mainstream.

AVG has long been known and associated with anti-virus. In fact, its name stands for Anti Virus Guard and they are a very respected online security company with over 200 million active users worldwide. The marriage between the two companies also makes a lot of sense, as a VPN is essential component to remaining anonymous, and AVG focuses on protecting your computer, phone, or tablet from unwanted intruders.

In an open letter to its customers, HideMyAss mentioned that service will remain virtually untouched and there will be no disruption in service caused by the acquisition. If anything, the company claimed that the service would only get better as the AVG tech support and engineers are some of the best in the world.

The overall landscape and interest in VPN companies may be a continuing trend to watch. App Annie, the top app analytics company, launched VPN Defender in late 2014 to provide better data for its customers. In addition, we have seen VPN company consolidation like OverPlay joining IPVanish and the Affiliate Groove team within the past year. Although HMA has been the largest acquisition to date, I believe that 2015 and the years to come will demonstrate even more dynamic acquisitions and mergers.

May 7, 2015

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