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GT Guard Review – Does The Service Deliver On Its Promises?

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

GT Guard was launched in 2009 by GT Network Ltd & Co.KG, which is a Germany based technology company. The service was initially brought into the market to offer a reliable privacy solution for Peer To Peer sharing activities. In this detailed GT Guard Review, we will evaluate the pros and cons of the service and determine if it is worth subscribing.

Server Locations and Site Access

GT Guard has VPN servers in just one country, Netherlands. While the service would not be helpful for those who wish to unlock location restricted content from US, UK and Canada; it allows you to unblock streaming sites like Spotify, Rara, Deezer, MTV Netherlands, RTL, RTVNH, SlamFM, Sport1, AT5, Fox Life TV, Film1 and Zoomin TV as well as Netherlands based banking and shopping sites. In addition, the service offers an easy way to bypass local censorship in offices and countries like Saudi Arabia, China, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Brazil and unblock your preferred sites like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Skype and YouTube from anywhere.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

GT Guard does not impose any kind of speed and bandwidth restriction upon its users. The speed available through the service is ideal for resource hungry activities like streaming of HD videos, downloading and uploading content, VOIP, online gaming as well as torrenting. Since the service was primarily designed to support bittorrenting activities, it allows P2P users to bypass ISP throttling and hide their torrenting sessions.

GT Guard Privacy Settings

GT Guard offers security and privacy through PPTP protocol. While the PPTP protocol supports just 128 bit encryption, it does help to secure your passwords, social accounts and financial transactions from intrusions and hacking attempts. Additionally, the service protects all applications that connect to the internet such as ICQ, Email clients, Bittorrenting software (Vuze, uTorrent, KTorrent etc.), VOIP tools, FTP clients and not to mention, browsers. And if you love to use Wi-Fi facilities at malls, airports, hotels, book shops and other public places, the service would allow you to shield your online activities from hackers and snoopers who might be connected to the same network.

GT Guard has a strict “no logging” policy. Furthermore, the company does not sell or rent customer data to advertisers or third parties which ensures that your identity remains safe at all times.

Supported Operating Systems

GT Guard’s VPN solution works well with Windows, Mac, Linux, iPads, iPhones and Android based devices. The company does not offer a proprietary VPN client so the setup needs to be done manually. Unfortunately, the company has not published setup instructions on its website so you will need to refer to other sources in order to configure and start using the service.

For those who do not need full features of a VPN, the service offers a Socks5 proxy solution that can help you to anonymize certain applications (such as bittorrenting clients). The company has provided instructions on how to use its proxies with bittorrenting clients so the proxy solution can be set up and put into use easily.

Customer Support

The company offers customer support only through email based tickets. Since the company has not published troubleshooting information on its portal, it is not possible to resolve even common VPN errors without contacting the support team.

Pricing Options

GT Guard’s VPN is available for 5.95 Euros per month whereas its Socks5 proxy solution starts from 4.95 Euros per month. The company does not offer a free trial or term discounts so there is no way to test the service without investing money. However, it is possible to cancel the service at any time and get refund for the unused portion of your subscription.

Final Verdict

Overall, GT Guard does not deliver a great VPN service. The company does not have a presence in important VPN markets plus its VPN service offers just a basic level of protection. What’s more, the official website of the company doesn’t look professional at all and contains several spelling and grammatical errors. So while the service may attract P2P users, it does not offer much to those who are looking for a feature packed privacy solution. For more information, please visit: www.gtguard.com.

January 22, 2014

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