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Globus Privacy Browser Review – Secure Your Browsing Sessions

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

Globus Privacy is a VPN+Tor based browser created by Seychelles based Globus Partners Ltd. The service was designed to offer a simple and fast method to anonymize browsing sessions. In this detailed review, I will look at the features offered by the service and list down its pros and cons.

Server Locations & Site Access – Globus Privacy has VPN servers in 17 different countries including United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Latvia, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Spain, Romania, Luxembourg and Ukraine.

Since the company offers American and European IP addresses, subscribers can bypass regional blocks and unlock their favorite On-Demand services like Netflix, Spotify, Zattoo, 4OD, USA Network, BBC iPlayer, HBO Now, Russia TV, Amazon Prime, Canal+, Pandora, Lovefilm, Xfinity, RTL, UK TV, Rai TV, Sky Go, ABC Player, FOX, Demand 5, D8, Arte, CTV, Eurosport, Vevo, E!, Much Music, Deezer, NRK, Vox, Spacecast, ProSieben, MTV, MLB, CWTV, Bravo, Rara, Das Erste, iTV Player, The Comedy Network, NHL, Global TV, HBO Go, Star TV, NBC, CBS, CBC, Vudu and Hulu regardless of their current location. What’s more, the service offers a comprehensive anti-censorship and anti-firewall solution and allows you to access Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, Skype, Viber and Twitter regardless of the network blocks imposed by network administrators (in schools and offices) or ISPs (as in China, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Brazil and Thailand). People who want to access premium streaming services from different regions would be pleased to know that there are absolutely no restrictions on the number server switches with Globus Privacy Browser.

VPN Speed & Bandwidth – Globus Privacy delivers unrestricted bandwidth and ultra-fast speeds to all subscribers. The service blocks all tracking scripts and ads which increases the browsing speed by as much as 25%. If you are looking for a fast VPN service to stream HD videos or download big files then Globus provides a great solution.

Privacy Settings – Globus Privacy solution is built around Google’s Chromium paltform. The service uses 256 bit AES encryption (delivered via OpenVPN/IPSec protocols) to encrypt user data and browsing sessions. The service not only encrypts vital data like credit card numbers, passwords and identity but also protects users from hundreds of types of malwares, trojans, social media buttons, error tracking scripts, address bar and URL tracking, analytic tracking scripts and ads. The browser has “Do Not Track” feature enabled by default plus it also erases all traces of browsing activity when it is closed. Due to these features, the service is perfect for protecting Wi-Fi sessions from hackers and securing browsing data from all kind of surveillance.

Globus Privacy doesn’t keep logs of user sessions. The company doesn’t sell user data to third parties though it will comply with all court orders.

Supported Operating Systems – Globus Privacy Browser works well on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS and Linux. The provider offers clients/apps for all systems except for Linux which requires manual configuration. The company permits up to 3 simultaneous connections for one subscriber.

Customer Support – Globus Privacy offers customer support via live chat, email, phone, Skype and support tickets.

Pricing Options – Globus Privacy’s VPN+Tor browsing solution costs $7.99 for a month, $32.94 for 6 months, $47.88 for a year, $72 for 5 years and $120 for life time access. If you want to try the service before making a purchase, there is a 2 day trial available. In addition, new customers are protected by a 7 day money back guarantee.

Final Verdict – Globus Privacy Browser offers a comprehensive security and privacy solution. However, unlike other VPN solutions, the service cannot be used to secure non-browsing (VOIP, gaming, P2P) sessions. Since the provider offers a 2 day free trial, I urge you to test drive the service today and check whether it meets your privacy needs. For more information, please visit: www.privacybrowser.org.

January 12, 2016

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