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Gizlen VPN Review – Is the Service Worth Subscribing?

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

Gizlen is an established provider of proxy scripts, private proxies, proxy hosting and VPN. Established in 2007, the company aims to deliver the best privacy and anonymity service to its customers. In this detailed Gizlen VPN Review, we will check the pros and cons of the company’s VPN service and decide if it is worth subscribing.

Server Locations and Site Access

Gizlen VPN offers an impressive choice of VPN server locations. The company has over 50 servers in 20 countries including United States, Finland, France, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, Singapore, Hong Kong, Belgium, Czech Republic, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Portugal, Luxembourg and Turkey. All Gizlen VPN plans come with unlimited server switching options so you can unlock premium sites like Netflix, Demand 5, BBC iPlayer, Rai TV, Hulu, Zattoo, Hulu, Amazon Prime, 4OD, CBS, HBO On Demand, MTV, NFL, Eurosport, RTE Player, Mio TV, MyTV, Deezer, Spotify, Rara and several others with just one subscription plan. The service would also help you to bypass your company, school and ISP based firewalls (especially from China, Brazil, Middle East etc.) and access Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Gmail, YouTube and Google Voice without any restrictions.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

Gizlen offers both metered and unmetered plans to its customers. The company does not throttle speed so irrespective of the plan that you choose, you will get good speeds for downloading, VOIP, streaming HD content and gaming.

Gizlen VPN Privacy Settings

Gizlen delivers 128 bit encryption through PPTP protocol. The PPTP protocol is considered inferior to L2TP and OpenVPN protocols when it comes to security but it offers good compatibility with all kinds of devices and operating systems. Once activated, the service will automatically secure your browsing, messaging, emailing, FTP and VOIP sessions and would even protect your banking details, passwords and social accounts when you are using unprotected Wi-Fi networks. The company collects connection data (IP address, connection time and number of bytes transferred) to maintain their server network in good condition but it does not hand over customer data to third parties.

Supported Operating Systems

Gizlen’s VPN service is compatible with a lot of operating systems (Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, iOS), devices (computers, iPads, iPhones, Smartphones, tablets, routers) and browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera). The company offers a client for Windows but other systems require manual configuration. Although the company provides setup instructions, they are available in Turkish and don’t translate well so you must be prepared to refer to other sites in order to configure the service correctly.

Customer Support

The company offers customer support through an email based support system. The support staff is based in Turkey and tries to provide a quick turnaround time for most queries.

Pricing Options

Gizlen offers a 15 minute test account that should give you an idea about the VPN speed and connectivity. The company offers a 10 GB monthly bandwidth account for 10 Turkish liras (5+ USD) and an unlimited monthly bandwidth account for 15 Turkish liras (7.5+ USD). The order procedure is somewhat complicated especially if you try to order from the site’s translated version. On the positive side, the company offers a 3 day money back guarantee so you can test the service without fearing about losing your money.

Final Verdict

Gizlen clearly needs to improve its site structure if they want to attract more customers. Although the company offers a good choice of server locations at affordable rates, we recommend checking their test account first and taking advantage of their money back guarantee to determine if the service meets your security needs. For more information, please visit: www.gizlen.net.

August 10, 2013

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