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GigaBadger VPN Review – Flexible Pay As You Go VPN Plans

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

GigaBadger is a unique VPN service that offers pay-as-you-go VPN plans. Founded in 2011, the service is brought to you by a Virginia, United States based company. The VPN service is the brainchild of two American travelers who wanted impregnable security and anonymity while travelling. In this honest GigaBadger VPN Review, we take a look at the features offered by the service and why you should go for it.

Server Locations

Currently GigaBadger has servers in United States and United Kingdom. While the choice of locations is undoubtedly on a lower side, it would nevertheless allow you to unblock location blocked sites like BBC iPlayer, ABC, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, Hulu, CBS, iTV Player, MTV, Pandora, Netflix etc. from any place in the world. GigaBadger would also come in handy when you visit a heavily censored country like China, Saudi Arabia, Oman and UAE since even popular sites like Skype, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and YouTube are blocked over there. The service offers unlimited server switching between these 2 countries so you can unblock content from both the countries with a single subscription plan.

GigaBadger VPN Speed

The company does not throttle or restrict speed in any way. However, the bandwidth is limited by the number of credits in your account. Typically 1 GB worth of credits would be enough for 36 hours of web browsing, 19 hours of music streaming and 5 hours of online video streaming.

Privacy Rating

GigaBadger offers extremely high security and privacy through its constantly changing pool of IP addresses. This makes the service less vulnerable to being blocked by an ISP or a foreign Government. The company uses PPTP protocol to secure your web sessions which offers excellent security even at Wi-Fi hotspots available at coffee shops, hotels, airports, libraries and malls.

For web sessions, GigaBadger records connection details like Start and End time of the session, Bandwidth usage and the country from where the user logs into the account. The company does not monitor user activities unless they are required to do so by the law. The company would keep connection logs for a year; however they will not sell or rent your details to third parties or advertisers.

Supported Systems

Currently the service is available only for Mac and Windows based computers and laptops. While the lack of support for mobile devices is indeed surprising, GigaBadger is working on a mobile solution and is planning to release iOS and Android versions of its service in the near future. The VPN service is available through a VPN client that either requires Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 (with .Net 3.5+) or Mac OS X 10.6+. The VPN setup is easy enough and you should be up and running within no time.

Customer Support

GigaBadger offers customer support through an email based system. The support staff is extremely helpful and responsive and you should get answers to your queries in no time.

Pricing Structure

GigaBadger offers a never expiring VPN subscription that does not require long term contracts or a recurring subscription fee. The company charges $2 per GB of bandwidth and offers VPN plans for $5 (2.5 GB bandwidth), $10 (5 GB + 10% extra bandwidth) and $20 (10 GB + 25% extra bandwidth). The company also has a referral program that offers $10 worth of free bandwidth whenever your referrals make a purchase. With a GigaBadger subscription, you have the peace of mind that you are paying money only for the actual bandwidth usage and not for maintaining your account even if you are not using the service.

Final Verdict

GigaBadger offers great flexibility and security at your fingertips. Its non-expiring VPN plans are great for those who travel a lot and do not need unlimited bandwidth. While the service is not without its flaws, it offers convenience and peace of mind that cannot be matched by other providers. For more information, please visit: www.gigabadger.com.

May 30, 2013

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