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FlyVPN Review – A Trustworthy VPN Service

Monday, July 7th, 2014

FlyVPN was introduced in 2012 by a US based company. The company started its operations with a limited number of servers but since then it has expanded its footprint significantly. In this detailed FlyVPN Review, let us evaluate the features of the FlyVPN service and decide if it is worth subscribing.

Server Locations and Site Access

FlyVPN offers an amazing choice of VPN gateways. The company has 130+ servers in 34 countries including United States, Argentina, Canada, Sweden, United Kingdom, Australia, Taiwan, New Zealand, Netherlands, Indonesia, Hong Kong, France, Japan, Singapore, China, Vietnam, South Korea, South Africa, Germany, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Peru, Spain, Brazil, India, Egypt, Thailand, Mexico, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Turkey and Ukraine.

With a FlyVPN subscription, it becomes easy to access premium streaming services such as Netflix, Spotify, RTL, BBC iPlayer, Canal+, Demand 5, 4OD, USA Network, Hulu, Tudou, CCTV, Youku, PPStream, LeTV, CNTV, iQiyi, Direct 8, AT5, Bravo, Mio TV, Voddler, Sport1, Lovefilm, HBO Go, CBS, Sky Go, Much Music, WimpMusic, CMore, Deezer, TVB, Pluzz, Eurosport, WDR, Amazon Prime, ABC iView, TV Japan, Rai TV, E!, Sat.1, Film1, Rara, iTV, MyTV, Vox, Pandora, CTV, Xfinity, TNT, MLB, NHL, NBC, CWTV, Vudu, FOX, CBC, Vevo and MTV from all countries. In addition, the service can be used to access blocked sites like Gmail, Skype, Facebook, Viber, YouTube and Twitter from corporate networks and locations such as Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, China and Brazil.

FlyVPN does not restrict users from switching servers which means customers can access streaming services and local content from 34 different countries by paying just once.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

FlyVPN guarantees ultra-fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth to its customers. The company’s support staff monitors its server network round the clock so it is able to deliver almost 99.99% uptime. The lack of speed throttling and bandwidth restrictions makes the service ideal for streaming, online gaming, downloading and VOIP. The company permits legal P2P traffic from some of its servers but it won’t tolerate illegal file sharing within its network.

Privacy Settings

FlyVPN delivers 128-bit SSL based security to its customers. The service supports most common VPN protocols so you would be able to configure it on a device of your choice. The service can be used to secure private data (passwords, bank login information) while using public Wi-Fi hotspots at airports, parks, malls and hotels plus you can also protect your web sessions from government surveillance.

With regards to the logging policy of FlyVPN, the company does record certain connection details (local and assigned IP address, timestamp) to maintain its network in prime condition. The company will protect the subscriber data to the maximum extent but it would also co-operate with legal authorities in case an illegal activity happens within its network.

Supported Operating Systems

FlyVPN is compatible with Windows, iOS devices (iPhones, iPads), Mac OS X, Android, Linux, gaming consoles (Xbox, PS 3) and Smart TVs. The company offers its own VPN client for Windows but other systems need manual setup. However, the setup process is not at all difficult since the company provides detailed configuration guides for all systems.

Customer Support

FlyVPN offers customer support through live chat, email, telephone and helpdesk. The company provides support in many languages (English, Japanese, Chinese, French, Russian, Korean and German) which sets it apart from other VPN service providers.

Pricing Options

FlyVPN plans are available from $10 a month ($25 per quarter, $45 for 180 days and $80 for 360 days). The company offers a free trial with access to limited number of servers every day (3 X 20 minutes daily). In addition, new customers can test the service for a full 30 days and ask for refund if they are not happy with it. While the company provides a shared IP service, dedicated IPs are also available for US and Korea.

Final Verdict

On the whole, we were happy with what FlyVPN had to offer. The service offers good choice of gateways and in addition, it doesn’t compromise on performance. So, if you are looking for a trustworthy VPN service, test drive FlyVPN today. For more information, please visit: www.flyvpn.com.

July 7, 2014

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