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FinchVPN Review – What To Expect From This VPN Service?

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

FinchVPN is a privacy service from Malaysia which made its debut in July’ 2012. The company is managed by a team of dedicated professionals who believe in providing unfiltered and uninterrupted internet to everyone. This FinchVPN review will focus on the prominent features offered by FinchVPN and recommend whether the privacy service is worth trying.

Server Locations & Site Access – FinchVPN’s customers get access to more than 55 servers from 20 different countries. The company has deployed servers at prominent locations like Japan, United States, Sweden, France, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, South Africa, Hong Kong, Spain, Russia, Brazil, Italy, Malaysia, Romania, Chile and Latvia.

By switching to an IP address from one of the above countries, you would be able to unblock On-Demand channels and services such as Canal+, Hulu, Demand 5, CBC, RTL, Netflix, Rara, USA Network, BBC iPlayer, Eurosport, Russia TV, Pluzz, TV Asahi, Rai TV, Spacecast, ProSieben, Spotify, Pandora, ABC Player, Lovefilm, Xfinity, Amazon Instant videos, iTV, The Comedy Network, Mio TV, TVB, Voddler, Sat.1, Deezer, Direct 8, Vevo, Much Music, Vox, CMore, RTVNH, MyTV, TV Tokyo, CTV, Arte, Viasat, Star TV, STV, Sky Go, WimpMusic, TV Japan, CWTV, MTV, 4OD, HBO Go, MLB, NBC, Vudu, NHL, FOX, CBS and TNT regardless of your present location.

Expats and tourists can also use the service to bypass the censorship prevalent at their current location and access services like Skype, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and YouTube without revealing their personal details. This is especially important if you are visiting China, Middle East or Latin America since many of these services are banned over there. For those who need access to local content from multiple countries, FinchVPN provides unlimited access to all of its servers at no extra charge.

VPN Speed & Bandwidth – FinchVPN offers both limited and unlimited bandwidth plans to its users. However, the service doesn’t compromise on speed since most of its gateways are connected to 1Gbit/s ports. This means you can stream videos, communicate through VOIP, play MMORPG games and download files without facing speed bottlenecks or downtimes. The provider has also enabled P2P on certain servers meaning you can share and download content through P2P without revealing your identity.

Privacy Settings – FinchVPN protects your anonymity on the web with up to 160 bit AES encryption. The provider relies on OpenVPN and PPTP protocols to deliver its service so you would be able to use it from mobile devices as well as computers. For maximum security, the provider uses randomly generated API keys as passwords but you are free to set and use your own password. The service provides 100% protection from surveillance, eavesdropping and monitoring and even secures your passwords and bank login credentials when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network at a mall, airport, coffee shop or restaurant.

FinchVPN does not monitor or record your online sessions. However, the company does collect timestamp, bandwidth usage and userid details to deliver a trouble-free service. The company will comply with valid legal requests but since it doesn’t store personally identifiable data on its servers, it won’t be able to provide IP address and other personal details to third parties.

Supported Operating Systems – FinchVPN works flawlessly on Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android. The company has developed its own VPN dialer for Windows and Android but you also have the option of configuring the service manually. The company provides detailed configuration instructions and config files for all operating systems so setting up the service shouldn’t be a big problem. One great thing about the service is that it supports OpenVPN on Android as well as iOS so you get enhanced security for your mobile devices.

Customer Support – FinchVPN offers customer support through email, live chat and support ticket (only paid subscribers can submit tickets). In addition, you can contact the company through its Facebook page or ask questions on its Google+ community page. The company has also posted workarounds for common VPN errors so you can even troubleshoot certain errors on your own.

Pricing Options – FinchVPN offers 3 different types of plans to its subscribers –

1) Free plan – Absolutely free, monthly bandwidth restricted to 3 GB, daily password reset, access to limited number of PPTP and OpenVPN servers.

2) Pro – 25 GB bandwidth available every month; access to all servers; remote support available; costs $1.93/month, $5.46 for 3 months, $10.29 for 6 months and $19.29 for 12 months.

3) Premier – Access to all servers; unlimited bandwidth; port forwarding facility available; costs $3.86/month, $10.93 for 3 months, $20.57 for 6 months and $38.57 for 12 months.

The company does not offer refunds so it is advisable to test the free plan before opting for a paid subscription.

Final Verdict – FinchVPN definitely offers a good choice of server locations and some nice privacy features. We also like the fact that it provides OpenVPN solution for mobile devices. We recommend our readers to test drive the free plan and upgrade if they are satisfied with the service. For more information, please visit: www.finchvpn.com.

November 26, 2014

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