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Fearless Mobility VPN Review – Total Privacy And Security For Android Devices

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Fearless Mobility VPN is an Android only privacy solution. The service was brought into the market by Fearless Mobility AB which is a Swedish company. This Fearless Mobility VPN Review will focus on reviewing the important features of the service so that you can make a subscription decision.

Server Locations and Site Access

Fearless Mobility has VPN gateways in just one country – Sweden. The service is primarily meant for customers who wish to circumvent online censorship or those who want to access local content from Sweden. Since the service changed your IP address to a Swedish IP, you would be able to unblock Swedish banking, ecommerce and streaming services like Spotify, CMore, Rara, WimpMusic, Voddler, Viasat and SVT from any location in the world. What’s more, the service makes it possible to unlock Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Skype, YouTube and Viber from behind restricted corporate networks and countries that are well-known for their censorship (for instance, China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Brazil and Qatar just to name a few).

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

Fearless Mobility does not shape traffic or restrict bandwidth in any way. Due to the availability of unlimited bandwidth, the service is well-suited for bandwidth-hungry activities like streaming, VOIP, downloading and gaming.

Privacy Settings

Fearless Mobility relies on AES encryption and OpenSSL based security to deliver its VPN service. By subscribing to the service, you would be able to protect your valuable data (social accounts, passwords and bank login details) from all kinds of security breaches and hacking attempts (especially at unsecured public Wi-Fi hotspots). In addition, the service offers protection from all kinds of surveillance and snooping activities carried out by governments and organizations.

Fearless Mobility does not log browsing activities of customers. However, the company does capture connection logs for a limited time for troubleshooting and maintenance activities. The company will protect customer details at all costs unless it is asked to reveal the data to a third party by a court order.

Supported Operating Systems

As mentioned earlier, Fearless Mobility is available only for Android Smartphones and tablets. The company offers a custom app which can be downloaded directly from the Google Play store. There is no manual setup or configuration involved since the installation and customization can be done directly through the app.

Customer Support

Fearless Mobility offers customer support through email and support tickets. Since the company has not published any kind of troubleshooting information on its website, you would need to contact the support staff even for minor technical and connection issues.

Pricing Options

Fearless Mobility’s unlimited plans are available from $4.95 per month. While the company does offer one week of free trial to new customers, you would need to provide your payment details to avail the offer. If you are happy with the service and would like to continue with it, you would be charged $4.95 after a week otherwise you must cancel your subscription in order to avoid the subscription charges. The company does not have a refund policy in place so you must evaluate the service through the trial route to test its capabilities.

Final Verdict

Overall, Fearless Mobility delivers a satisfactory privacy service. While the service offers far less features than a full-fledged VPN solution, it allows you to secure your mobile internet sessions from all kinds of security and snooping threats. So, if other mobile VPN services are not working for you for some reason, test drive the Fearless Mobility privacy solution today. For more information, please visit: www.fearlessmobility.com.

July 30, 2014

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