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FBI Hiring Ethical Hackers To Tackle Cybercrime

Monday, January 26th, 2015

As per recent media reports, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is planning to hire dozens of ethical hackers in order to combat cybercrime. People with experience in ethical hacking, programming, malware analysis and detection, computer security and digital forensics are eligible to apply for posts like computer scientists or cyber special agents within the agency. As you might be aware, ethical hackers are experts who break into computer systems in order to bolster their defenses. Also, their job is markedly different from cyber criminals and hackers who hack into networks and computers to steal information, money or identities from others.

The reports come soon after major U.S. corporations like Sony and Microsoft suffered crippling cyber-attacks on their infrastructure. Explaining the need to hire people having different types of backgrounds within the agency, Robert Anderson Jr., executive assistant director of FBI’s Criminal, Cyber, Response and Services Branch; said that since cyber permeates everything that the agency does these days (including criminal investigations, counter terrorism and not to mention, cyber-attacks), it is important for the Bureau to have people who can actually help to tackle such attacks through their experience. He also added that the agency would need a lot of talent in cyber security division in the upcoming years so they are looking to hire several cyber special agents.

Since the number of cyber-attacks and online crimes are on the rise year after year, there is a dearth of talent to deal with such cases within the government organizations. FBI has been at the forefront of many cybercrime investigations, including that of the recent Sony attack, so it is no surprise to see that the agency is looking for talented security experts to deal with the huge spike in cases related to cybercrime.

Although FBI’s job opening is for hackers, candidates are still required to have a formal education as well as clear background and fitness tests. Candidates who wish to apply for the job must have a degree in computer details systems, applied and computational mathematics or digital and computer forensics. In addition, people with a certification in ethical hacking are also eligible to apply for the job. Explaining the job profile of cyber security agents, Anderson said that the agency is looking for talented and motivated individuals who can perform investigations of high-tech crimes, computer intrusions, online exploitation, cyber fraud schemes as well as cyber terrorism and help the Bureau in protecting the nation and citizens from all types of online threats.

FBI is not the only organization which is planning to hire people with a background in computer security or hacking. A lot of companies hire hackers to test their computer systems, network and infrastructure in order to protect themselves from cyber threats and attacks. A recent study conducted by Burning Glass Technologies shows that there is a demand for more than 200,000 cyber security experts within US alone. In such a scenario, the FBI is likely to face a tough time in hiring the best talent for their cyber security division since the government organizations often do not offer top notch salaries.

January 26, 2015

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