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Facebook Unveils Facebook At Work – Allows Businesses To Create Customized Social Networks

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

As reported by us here (https://vpncoupons.com/facebook-unveil-facebook-work-office-use/) and many other news websites, Facebook has decided to launch a workplace-friendly version of its site. Dubbed as “Facebook At Work”, the new platform is designed to mimic the functionality of Facebook in a corporate environment. The platform would allow businesses to create customized social networks which could only be accessed by the employees of the organization. As per industry veterans, Facebook’s ultimate goal might be to replace emails and other internal communication systems used by enterprises.

Facebook At Work is available through iOS and Android apps (nicknamed Work) plus there is also a web version available for the platform. Business owners would need to create new Work accounts for their employees before they would be able to use the platform. Once their accounts are created, employees have the option of linking their personal and Work Facebook accounts together. The linking would allow users to appear logged in for both their personal and work Facebook accounts at the same time.

Facebook At Work includes popular features like profiles, posts and feeds that are familiar to almost every Facebook user. Among the new features, there is an option available that allows users to share documents with their co-workers and seniors. However, there is no document editing feature currently available though the company is planning to introduce it at a later stage.

Since confidentiality and privacy is of paramount importance to business users, Facebook has decided to keep the personal and Work profiles of users totally separate from one another. Even if an employee decided to link his personal and Work Facebook accounts, the feeds of the two accounts would show totally different content and there would be no mix-up of personal and workplace data. Mobile users would need to launch two different apps to access their personal and workplace Facebook accounts. It is important to note here that users would be able to access their Facebook At Work from their regular accounts but there would be no crossover of activities or content between the two accounts.

Facebook’s decision to unveil a social network for the enterprise puts it in direct competition with established service providers like LinkedIn, Yammer , Socialcast and Slack. The company may also decide to monetize the platform in the future though the current avatar of Facebook At Work does not include any third party ads or apps.

Facebook’s representative termed the launch of the new platform as a bold step. Claiming that Facebook At Work was in development for almost ten years since it is the very platform that is being used by company’s employees to communicate, share documents and plan meetings; the representative added that Facebook is targeting companies with 100+ employees in the early stages of the launch. He also revealed that the product was undergoing testing for quite some time and the platform has incorporated user feedback from more than a billion regular Facebook users.

The launch of Facebook At Work is indeed an exciting development for businesses and corporate users. While Facebook’s popularity and familiar interface would be the new platform’s biggest asset, privacy and functionality concerns may slow down the early adoption. Most companies are likely to wait and watch before deciding to join the latest corporate social networking platform.

February 24, 2015

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