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Facebook Partners With ESET To Protect Its Users From Malware

Thursday, December 25th, 2014

Facebook users can now look forward to a much safer social networking experience thanks to the company’s recent partnership with a security and anti-virus company. The social networking giant has decided to join hands with Slovakia based security firm, ESET, to protect its users from malwares, dangerous websites as well as hacking threats. ESET is an award-winning company that protects over 100 million users worldwide and is well-known for its online anti-virus solution. The partnership with ESET is the third collaboration between Facebook and a security firm since the company is already using security solutions from Trend Micro and F-Secure to safeguard its network and protect users from various types of security threats.

Over the last few years, Facebook has become a vital part of our daily lives. This fact has not escaped the attention of criminals, hackers and troublemakers either who are always looking for new ways to create mayhem and steal money, data and even identity from less tech savvy users. Due to the enormous reach of Facebook (billion plus users from all corners of the globe), the social networking site has become a popular breeding ground for online scams and security threats that can propagate to millions of users in no time.

Hackers and scammers use a variety of techniques to distribute malicious links and spread malware through Facebook. One of the most common methods involves click-baiting that encourages users to click on a news or video link with a promise to show something totally unique or unbelievably interesting. But as soon as the user clicks on the link and visits the site, his computer (or mobile device) gets infected with malware and his personal data (including Facebook credentials) get stolen. Criminals also rely on like-jacking scripts to make their posts go viral as well as use bots to send friend requests to thousands of people or to become members of enormously popular groups. Once a hacker becomes a member of a group or befriends another Facebook user, he can easily send malicious links through private messages or post such material on a user’s or group’s wall.

As a part of its new partnership, Facebook has incorporated ESET’s anti-virus technology into its own abuse prevention system. Henceforth, users logging into the social site through an infected device would be encouraged to run ESET’s online anti-virus solution. Users would be able to run anti-virus scans, see the scan results and even disable the infected software residing on their machines without even logging out of Facebook. In addition, Facebook will flag suspicious posts so that malicious links do not appear on or spread through posts, news feeds or messages.

By partnering with three different security companies within a span of one year (Facebook partnered with Trend Micro and F-Secure in May’ 2014), Facebook has shown that it is serious about protecting its users from dangerous softwares and malicious websites. Since not all anti-virus programs are equally effective against all types of security threats, Facebook hopes to provide a surefire way of countering online security threats by integrating multiple security solutions within its website.

December 25, 2014

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