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Drakker Project Review – A Software Based VPN Solution

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

Drakker Project is brought to you by Yazabou Ltd, which is a Gibraltar based company. Established in 2009, the company delivers privacy and anonymity through its custom VPN solution no matter where you need it: office, home or a public place. In this thorough Drakker Project review, we will check the pros and cons of the service and decide if it is worth subscribing.

Server Locations and Site Access

Drakker’s VPN servers are located at United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, Luxembourg and France. Although the company does not have servers in US and several other geographical areas, the service is helpful for unlocking local content restricted to the above 5 countries as well as bypassing censorship and firewalls from all countries and corporate environments in the world. When you are connected to Drakker’s network, you can unblock sites and services like BBC iPlayer, iTV Player, Facebook, 4OD, Lovefilm, Demand 5, Gmail, CBC, CTV, Bravo, Spacecast, E!, Twitter, Spotify, RTL, Rara, Skype, Film1, Sport1, Arte, Canal+, Zattoo, TMC, TF1, YouTube, MTV, Vonage and Google Voice from any country in the world (even from China, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain). The company’s VPN solution allows you to switch servers with a single click so you would be able to unlock local content from several different countries by subscribing just once.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

Drakker does not impose bandwidth or speed limitations on its VPN subscribers. Due to lack of throttling and bandwidth limitations, the service is ideal for activities like streaming of HD TV shows and movies, torrenting, downloading of GB+ sized files, VOIP and online gaming.

Privacy Settings

Drakker’s VPN solution is delivered through OpenVPN protocols and includes 2048 bit SSL encryption. The high level of encryption ensures that your online activities like FTP, browsing, VOIP, messaging and emailing remain safe from monitoring and surveillance and your sensitive data such as bank details, PayPal accounts, credit card information, passwords, social accounts and identity are never compromised. The service even protects your wireless activities from hackers and sniffing programs when you are connected to a low security public Wi-Fi hotspot at airport, public park, mall, coffee shop or hotel.

Drakker does not log the browsing data of its VPN customers. The company respects the privacy of its users and it would not hand over customer data to advertisers or third parties. The company issues unique authentication certificates for each customer so your online activities remain totally secure and private.

Supported Operating Systems

Drakker’s VPN client is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. The company also offers a portable USB based VPN solution for Windows that allows you to secure your online activities from just about anywhere. The client is easy to install and offers advanced features like performance optimization, ability to change server and country with the click of a button as well as facility to stop all online connections in case the VPN service is disrupted for some reason. It is also possible to configure Drakker’s solution on most browsers (Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer) by following the instructions available on the company’s official portal.

Customer Support

The company offers email based support. The support is not available 24X7 (it is 7X7) so you may have to wait for few hours or even a day before you get response to your queries. However, the company has published basic troubleshooting information on its site so it is possible to resolve common VPN problems without the need to contact the support staff.

Pricing Options

Drakker offers 1 week free trial to all new customers. To start using the service, you just need to download and install the client and activate it by registering your details on Drakker’s website. If you want to use the service beyond the trial period then you need to buy annual license which is available for 25 Euros. The company offers refunds only on case-by-case basis so it makes sense to try the service first before investing your money.

Final Verdict

Drakker does not have servers in many important VPN markets plus its VPN solution is not compatible with many systems including most mobile platforms. On the positive side, the service is affordable and offers a very high level of security through its custom-built VPN software. For those who need extra security for their online activities, we recommend checking the free trial offer from Drakker. For more information, please visit: www.drakker.com.

August 22, 2013
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    New usage policies seem to pop up time to time, but other than that has had a relatively good speed with stability. Definitely a good vpn to use if you just need to do normal actions with your web applications.

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