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CyberDodge VPN Review – Secure And Trustworthy VPN Service

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

CyberDodge VPN is a relatively new VPN service that is brought to you by a New Zealand based company. Launched in 2011, the company aims to deliver fast and highly secure VPN service to its customers. In this exhaustive CyberDodge VPN review, we will check the pros and cons of the service and decide if the service is worth the subscription cost.

Server Locations and Site Access

CyberDodge has VPN servers in 6 different countries – USA (Colorado, Missouri, Illinois and California), Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Hungary and China. While the choice of server locations is not very exhaustive, the service is ideal for unlocking location based sites and services from the above 6 countries as well as for bypassing all kinds of online firewalls. As soon as you activate your VPN account, you would be able to unlock Hulu, Netflix, Eurosport, ABC, BBC iPlayer, CBS, NFL, Fox TV, Tudou, Pandora, HBO Go, NBC, MTV, Amazon Instant videos, iTV, 4OD, Demand 5, Youku, PPTV, QQLive, MLB and Vudu from any region in the world as well as unlock popular services like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Vonage, Skype and YouTube from locations like China and Middle East. Moreover, since the company allows unlimited server switching through its VPN plans, you can unlock local services from all the 6 countries where the company has its servers without paying any additional fees.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

CyberDodge delivers unrestricted bandwidth and unlimited speeds through 100 MBPS nodes. The service is well suited for speed and bandwidth intensive activities like downloading, VOIP, online gaming and streaming of HD content. The company also permits P2P activities from some of its servers so you can use the service to anonymize your torrenting activities.

Privacy Settings

CyberDodge delivers high level of encryption (up to 2048 bit encryption) through its VPN service. The service supports PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP protocols to provide ultimate protection with maximum compatibility. Unlike proxy services, the service protects online activities like browsing, messaging, emailing, FTP and VOIP and even provides a hotspot protection to secure your wireless sessions at airports, public parks, coffee shops, malls and libraries. The high level of security on offer ensures that your financial transactions, identity and passwords remain safe from hackers and sniffing programs while your browsing activities remain hidden from ISPs, government and network administrators. The company keeps connection logs for a period of 48 hours to prevent abuse and for the upkeep of their server network but it does not share user information with anyone.

Supported Operating Systems

CyberDodge VPN works well with Windows (7, XP, Vista), Mac OS and Linux based computers; Android based Smartphones and tablets as well as devices like iPads and iPhones. The company provides a proprietary VPN client known as CyberDodge connection manager for Windows based computers but other systems require manual configuration. The setup procedure for most operating systems is extremely simple thanks to the setup instructions available on the company’s website.

Customer Support

The company offers customer support through an email based ticketing system. The company has also published solutions for common VPN errors on its site so you should be able to troubleshoot and resolve common VPN errors on your own.

Pricing Options

CyberDodge’s unlimited VPN plans are available from 8 NZ Dollars per week (20 NZ Dollars per month, 50 NZ Dollars for 3 months and 160 NZ Dollars for 1 year). The company does not have a refund policy in place so it makes sense to subscribe to weekly plan first in order to test the service.

Final Verdict

Overall, CyberDodge delivers a decent VPN service. While the company does not have servers in all geographical areas, it provides high level of security and fast VPN speeds. So if you are looking for a dependable VPN service for your privacy and security needs, check the VPN plans from CyberDodge today. For more information, please visit: www.cyberdodge.co.nz/home

July 23, 2013

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