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CryptoVPN Review – A Robust VPN Service

Saturday, January 30th, 2016

CryptoVPN is one of the newest providers of VPN and SmartDNS services. The company launched its services in February’ 2015 and quickly expanded its reach to cover many geographical areas of the world. In this unbiased review, I will outline the features of the service and give my subscription recommendation.

Server Locations & Site Access – CryptoVPN has VPN servers in 40 different countries including United States, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Finland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Luxembourg, Moldova, Italy, Israel, New Zealand, Germany, Iceland, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Portugal, Poland, Egypt, Costa Rica, Isle of Man, Singapore, Sweden, South Africa, Russia, Chile, Lithuania, India, Czech Republic, Brazil, Romania, Switzerland, Taiwan, Mexico, Ukraine, Panama, Latvia, Turkey and Spain.

The well dispersed VPN network of the company makes it extremely easy to stream GEO-IP restricted content as well as bypass all forms of internet censorship (especially at schools, offices and location like China, Middle East and Latin America). By connecting to a server from your preferred location, you would be able to access blocked services like Facebook, Netflix, HBO Now, Gmail, BBC iPlayer, Pandora, Amazon Instant Videos, Skype, RTE Player, WimpMusic, ABC Player, YouTube, Eurosport, Deezer, Arte, Twitter, Spotify, Singtel TV, TSN, Channel Ten, Viber, Foxtel Play, FOX, Xfinity, Wilmaa, Canal+, Vevo, USA Network, Much Music, Lovefilm, Russia TV, HBO Go, Voddler, Sky Go, CBS, Zattoo, iTV Player, City TV, ABC iView, 4OD, RTL, Demand 5, Direct 8, TV Tokyo, The Comedy Network, MyTV, Rai TV, TV Asahi, Global TV, CBC, MTV, Hulu, TNT, TV Japan, TVB, Rara, MLB, Vudu, NBC, CWTV, NHL and CTV regardless of your network or geographical area. What’s more, since the company permits unlimited number of server switches, unlocking local content from all over the world becomes as easy as clicking on a button.

VPN Speed & Bandwidth – CryptoVPN does not restrict speed or bandwidth in any way. The company’s servers are access controlled and are monitored round the clock so you will experience a fast and reliable service. Due to fast speeds and low ping times available, the service is ideal for streaming High Definition content, communicating through VOIP, downloading large amount amount of content as well as playing online games.

Privacy Settings – CryptoVPN supports PPTP, SSH and OpenVPN protocols. The availability of 3 different protocols makes it easy to choose different levels of security and even opt for a lower level of encryption (via PPTP) when browsing speed is your prime concern. The service not only keeps your Wi-Fi sessions safe at airports, cafes and libraries but also protects your personal data (IP address, credit card details, bank login details, social security number etc.) from snooping, theft and hacking.

CryptoVPN doesn’t store logs of users’ online sessions. While the company does store usage data, it is not shared with third parties or marketing companies.

Supported Operating Systems – CryptoVPN works flawlessly on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. The company offers easy to install clients and apps for Windows, Mac, iPads, iPhones as well as Android based Smartphones and tablets. For Linux, there is an easy-to-follow tutorial available which can help you to configure the service within minutes.

Customer Support – CryptoVPN provides customer support via support tickets and skype. In addition, it is possible to contact the support staff from within the VPN client itself.

Pricing Options – CryptoVPN’s VPN service costs $9.95 for a month, $29.80 per quarter, $49.95 for six months and $89.95 per year. For those who just want to stream On-Demand services, the company offers a SmartDNS service which costs $4.95 a month, $25 for 6 months and $45 for a year. For mobile users, the company offers a free trial through its apps. In addition, the company has a 7 day refund policy in place.

Final Verdict – Overall, CryptoVPN delivers a solid privacy service. The service is not only fast and reliable but it also offers IPs from most major territories of the world. While the pricing of both VPN and SmartDNS is slightly on the expensive side, the service definitely has lots of plus points. As such, I have no hesitation in recommending CryptoVPN to privacy conscious users. For more information, please visit: www.cryptovpn.com.

January 30, 2016

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