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ZorroVPN Coupon for 10% Off: [Coupon Code: VPNCOUPONS]

Get 10% off on every order with an exclusive ZorroVPN coupon code: VPNCOUPONS. The code is valid for monthly as well as term plans so you will save money regardless of the length of your subscription. Here is how the coupon works with different ZorroVPN packages:

1) Save $12 On Annual Plan

ZorroVPN’s annual plan costs $120 but with our coupon, you can get it for $108. The price reduction also means that instead of the monthly price of $15 that the provider charges for its monthly plan, you would just be paying just $9 a month.

2) Save $7 On Semi-Annual Plan

The regular price for ZorroVPN’s semi-annual plan is $70 but the VPNCoupons special coupon allows you to subscribe to it by paying $63 (at an average price of $10.5 per month).

3) Save $3.6 On Quarterly Plan

A quarterly VPN plan is usually preferred by frequent fliers or business travelers who go abroad for a short time. ZorroVPN charges $36 for its quarterly plan but when you use our coupon, the price comes down to $32.4 (average price $10.8/month).

4) Save $2.5 On 2-Month Plan

ZorroVPN is one of the very few VPN providers that offers a 2-month VPN package. And now you can subscribe to it by paying $22.5 instead of the regular price of $25.

5) Save $1.5 On Monthly Plan – Subscribe to ZorroVPN’s recurring monthly plan by paying $13.5 instead of the usual $15.

In order to save money with VPNCoupons special coupon, click on any ZorroVPN link posted on this page, click on the “Order” link, choose your desired package and then type the value VPNCOUPONS in the “Discount Coupon” box. When you click on “Place Order” button, ZorroVPN will re-calculate the order value and show the discounted price on screen.

Just How Powerful Is ZorroVPN?

ZorroVPN is a feature rich privacy service which made its debut in 2012. The service includes many innovative security and privacy features that make your online sessions truly private and secure. For instance, ZorroVPN allows you to route your online traffic through a chain of (up to 4) VPN servers and even makes it possible to use the VPN service along with Tor. All these extra privacy features mask your true location and IP address and allow you to access the internet without worrying about traffic shaping or censorship of any kind.

ZorroVPN also excels as far as the level of encryption is concerned; the service delivers up to 256 bit AES encryption and is authenticated with 4096 bit keys. The enhanced level of security is definitely a plus point since it allows you to secure your private data and online transactions plus it also helps to safeguard your online sessions from malicious code and hackers even when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi hotspot. The company has servers in 30 different countries allowing you to access premium streaming services and local content from all over the world.

For more information, please check out our ZorroVPN Review. Or, visit: www.zorrpvpn.com.

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