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Exclusive WaselPro Coupon [Promo Code: vpncoupons]

WaselPro is a trustworthy VPN service that can help you to unblock your favorite sites even from the most heavily censored locations. As a VPNCoupons reader, you can also take advantage of our special coupon that guarantees discounts on all WaselPro orders. Get a cool 20% off on a new WaselPro subscription with the coupon code: vpncoupons. Here is how our special coupon works with different WaselPro subscription packages:

1) Save $18 On Yearly Plan

In dollar terms, our coupon offers maximum savings for WaselPro’s yearly plan. The plan normally costs $90 but now you can subscribe to it by paying just $72 (at an average cost of $6 a month).

2) Save $10 On Half-yearly Plan

WaselPro charges $50 for its half-yearly service but with our exclusive coupon, you can save $10 instantly and get the package for just $40. The coupon also brings down the average monthly subscription cost to $6.67 a month.

3) Save $5.4 On Quarterly Plan

WaselPro’s quarterly plan is great for business travelers who are visiting China or Middle East for a short duration. Use our coupon to subscribe to the plan for $21.6 (average price $7.2 /month) instead of the usual subscription price of $27.

4) Save $2 On Monthly Plan

Through our coupon, you can now subscribe to WaselPro’s monthly plan by paying just $7.99 instead of the regular monthly subscription price of $9.99.
In order to save money with VPNCoupons exclusive coupon, register a new account with WaselPro, choose a subscription plan that you are interested in buying, type vpncoupons (in lowercase) in the “Coupon Code (Optional):” input box and finally click on the “Recalculate” button. WaselPro’s payment processor should validate our coupon code and show the discounted price on the screen instantly.

Just How Good is WaselPro VPN?

WaselPro is a privacy service that advertises itself as the best VPN provider for Middle Eastern countries. The VPN service was launched by Netherlands based iElement. B.V in 2012 and in the last 2+ years, the company has expanded its network aggressively. WaselPro is one of the very few VPN providers that uses OpenVPN over SSH which makes the service extremely difficult to detect or block. As a result, the service is perfect for locations like China, Iran and Syria since it can defeat the Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) surveillance carried out by the governments of these countries.

WaselPro has deployed its servers mostly at European and American locations. The company has developed an extremely user-friendly VPN client for Windows, Mac and Android plus it even permits 2 simultaneous connections for all its subscribers. Due to the high level of encryption used by the service, WaselPro is perfect for users who want bulletproof level of security for their online activities, financial transactions and Wi-Fi sessions.

For more information, please read our WaselPro Review. Or check out: www.waselpro.com

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