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The emergence of SmartDNS services has come as a boon for expats and travelers who are not able to watch their favorite streaming services due to geographical restrictions. Unlocator is a popular SmartDNS service that makes it possible to access GEO-IP blocked content from several different countries. Like most other SmartDNS services, Unlocator is an affordable service but in this article, we will show how you can subscribe to the service for even less.

Unlocator’s monthly subscription is priced at $4.95. While the monthly package should be pretty good for short trips abroad, it doesn’t offer the maximum amount of saving. If you are expat or a frequent flier who is settled abroad or who flies overseas almost every week, subscribing to term plans offered by Unlocator is a much better option. The term plans offer the best savings as we will see through the deals listed below.

1) 16% Off On Unlocator’s Annual Service

By subscribing to Unlocator’s annual plan, you can save almost $10 right away. The plan is usually available for $59.4 but now you can get it for $49.95. So you not only get to save 16% ($9.45) on the offer price, the average price drops to $4.16 per month as well.

2) 7% Off On Semi-Annual Plan

Unlocator has something for 6-month subscribers as well. The regular price for Unlocator’s 6 month package is $29.7 but as a new customer, you can get it for $27.5 ($4.58/month). The $2.2 saving may not be huge but it still means that you are saving 6% on the regular price.

Currently, Unlocator does not have a quarterly plan so if you need a SmartDNS service for more than a month then we recommend subscribing to at least 6-monthly plan. Of course, your savings would be the highest if you are willing to sign up for the yearly plan.

The above offers are available to everyone and do not require a special coupon code. Click on the Unlocator links available in this post (or click the Redeem button) and you will straightaway see the discounted prices on the provider’s website.

Why Unlocator Is Such A Great SmartDNS service?

Unlocator is a SmartDNS service that was brought into the market by Linkwork ApS, a Danish company. The Unlocator service was unveiled in 2013 and it allows its subscribers to access On-Demand TV shows and streaming services that are available only in certain locations due to broadcasting restrictions. The service is compatible with a multitude of devices and operating systems thus making it easy to watch one’s favorite shows on computers, Smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles and Smart TVs.

Unlike other SmartDNS services providing access to just US or UK based content, Unlocator allows you to watch location restricted content from 10 different countries. The service can help you to unlock as many as 118 different premium services thus offering plenty of entertainment and streaming options. Since the service does not use encryption, it is able to deliver extremely fast speeds that are so vital for accessing streaming services online.

For more information, please check out our detailed Unlocator Review. Or if you want to visit the official site straightaway, head to: www.unlocator.com

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