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The online world is fraught with security and privacy risks so it is definitely a good idea to use some kind of privacy tool to protect your data and privacy. Among the privacy solutions available today, VPNs could be considered as the best due to their ease of use and the level of anonymity offered by them. For those who are looking for a one-click privacy solution, we recommend subscribing to TunnelBear since it is often considered as one of the most user friendly VPN services available in the market. The provider even offers several money saving offers that we have included in this article.

1) Free VPN Account

TunnelBear offers a free VPN account with limited bandwidth (500 MB per month) to all new members. The bandwidth is sufficient for light browsing and emailing work but obviously it won’t last long if you use the service for streaming, gaming or VOIP. However, it is possible to get 1 GB of additional bandwidth every month just by tweeting about TunnelBear’s service.

2) 16% Off On Annual Plan

TunnelBear’s monthly VPN plan (Giant TunnelBear) costs $4.99 a month. For those who are willing to shell out more money upfront, the company is offering 16% ($9.89) discount on its Annual plan (Grizzly TunnelBear). So you can now subscribe to the annual plan by paying $49.99 instead of the usual $59.88. The discounted price also brings down the average monthly price to just $4.16 per month.

3) Up to 16% Off On Mobile Only Plans

TunnelBear also offers a mobile-only plan that can only be used from Smartphones and tablets. The plan costs $2.99 for one month of service but if you wish to save money on it, you can subscribe to quarterly package for $7.99 ($0.98 / 10% saving) and annual package for $29.99 ($5.89 / 16% saving; average price – $2.49/month).

The above TunnelBear offers are available to all new subscribers. This means that there is absolutely no need to enter a coupon code during checkout. Just use the “Redeem” button on this page (or click on any one of the TunnelBear’s links) to head to TunnelBear website and the discounted prices would become available to you.

Why You Should Subscribe to TunnelBear?

TunnelBear is a privacy product from TunnelBear Inc. which is a Canada based security company. The service came into existence in 2011 and it is quite famous for its easy to use and stylish looking VPN software. The great thing about TunnelBear’s software is that it is compatible with most desktop and mobile operating systems (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android) and includes a feature that allows you to route only specific websites through the VPN.

TunnelBear has VPN gateways in 8 different countries so it is possible to unlock dozens of On-Demand services that remain blocked outside America and Europe due to copyright and GEO-IP related restrictions. In addition, the service allows you to access social networking, video, VOIP and emailing sites even if they are blocked by your ISP or network administrator. TunnelBear uses up to 256 bit encryption so using the service is a great way to secure your data and privacy from surveillance, snooping and security attacks.

If you would like to know all about TunnelBear VPN, check out our TunnelBear Review. OR visit their website at: www.tunnelbear.com.

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