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Today we are going to discuss about a very dependable privacy solution called SwissVPN and reveal the current promotional offers available from the provider.

1) Monthly Subscription For 6 CHF – SwissVPN sells recurring monthly subscriptions for 6 CHF. Unfortunately, there are no discounts available for long term subscriptions but the low monthly price makes the service absolutely worthwhile. For those who wish to check the service before they make a monthly commitment, the company offers access to test servers that allows you to make a VPN connection and connect to SwissVPN website.

The above recurring offer is available to all new customers. This means that there is no need to type a money-saving coupon during the checkout. To go to SwissVPN website, just click on the Redeem button or any SwissVPN link that is posted on this page.

Why Subscribing To SwissVPN Makes Total Sense?

SwissVPN is an online privacy solution and business division of Monzoon Networks AG, a Swiss Telecom company. Monzoon has been operational since 2000 and it was one of the first European companies to offer public Wi-Fi solutions. Today the company offers high speed internet and other telecom solutions to corporates as well as individuals. The company launched SwissVPN in 2006 to diversify its product offering and offer more privacy to its customers.

SwissVPN delivers 128+ bit encryption and secures your online sessions through four different protocols. The support for multiple VPN protocols ensures that you would be able to hide your online activities and protect your privacy regardless of the device (Smartphone, tablet or Computer) that you are using or the location from which you are trying to connect to the internet. As a pioneer in telecom and internet solutions, SwissVPN is well positioned to provide a cutting edge privacy solution that guarantees 100% privacy and protects you from all kinds of security threats on open networks such as public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Unlike other VPN companies, SwissVPN does not have gateways in multiple countries. Instead, the company has deployed all of its servers in Zurich through which it serves its customers. While the service cannot help you to access American or British content sites like Netflix or BBC iPlayer, it does provide an easy way to access Swiss On-Demand content and local services. For those who travel abroad frequently or are behind corporate firewalls, SwissVPN makes it extremely easy to access blocked social networking, email, VOIP and video sites without revealing anything about yourself.

If you want to read more about SwissVPN features, check the exhaustive review of the service that we have posted at: Or to visit SwissVPN, simply click here:

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