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Exclusive RoTunneling Coupon [Promo Code: VPNCOUPONS]

In order to remain secure on the web at all times, you must use an advanced privacy tool like RoTunneling VPN. To make your subscription decision easier, we are even offering a RoTunneling coupon that is not available anywhere else.  Get 20% off on the first payment of your subscription with the code VPNCOUPONS. RoTunneling offers several different subscription plans but our special coupon works with all of them. The coupon is valid only on the first payment so you need to pay the full price from the next subscription cycle. Here’s a snapshot of how much you can save:

1) Little Plan

RoTunneling’s Little plan offers 4 MB/s speeds and costs 1.24 Euros per month. But by using our coupon, you can get 0.25 Euro off on the first payment and subscribe for just 0.99 Euro.

2) Big Plan

The Big plan offers slightly faster speeds (16 MB/s) at a low price of 3.72 Euros a month. When you use our coupon, you would be able to subscribe for 2.98 Euros and get an instant 0.74 Euro off on your order.

3) Omega Plan

The Omega plan is perfect for those who stream HD content since it offers 50 MB/s speeds. The plan normally costs 6.2 Euros a month but you can now subscribe to it for 4.96 Euros and save 1.24 Euros immediately.

4) Gyga Plan

RoTunneling’s Gyga plan is meant for heavy users who stream or download lot of content or share files through P2P. The plan delivers up to 250 MB/s speeds at a relatively low price of 7.44 Euros per month. However, our exclusive coupon reduces the price further and allows you to subscribe to the plan for just 5.95 Euros thereby allowing you to save 1.49 Euros.

In order to save money with VPNCoupons special coupon, click the Redeem button or use any RoTunneling link to visit the company’s website. RoTunneling requires you to register an account before you can place your order. Once you have created your account and verified it, log into the website and type the code VPNCOUPONS next to “Please enter promotional code:” (in the “Discount Coupon” section) while placing your order.

What Makes RoTunneling So Unique?

RoTunneling is a Romania based online privacy service that made its debut in 2012. The service boasts of several cutting-edge features that makes it really special. For instance, RoTunneling makes use of UT VPN technology which can deliver up to 980% faster browsing speeds. In addition, the service offers IPv6 and cloud connectivity, boosts bandwidth availability with up to 32 simultaneous connections and even guarantees a very high level (99%) of uptime.

RoTunneling offers privacy through L2TP and OpenVPN protocols plus it even supplies its own dialer client for Windows based systems. The company has deployed gateways in US and Romania so it can definitely help those who need to access American content from different parts of the globe. The service protects your browsing, emailing and VOIP sessions with 128 bit AES encryption plus it can also help you to circumvent firewalls and censorship at foreign locations, schools and offices. And if you are a daily user of public Wi-Fi networks, RoTunneling makes sure that your private data (passwords, IP address, financial details etc.) as well as identity remains safe from criminals who are connected to the same network.

For more information, please check out our detailed RoTunneling review. Or visit:

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