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LeafyVPN’s monthly plans are billed $9 every month. However, new subscribers can enjoy the service for less by opting for the term plans offered by the provider. It’s a win-win situation for the company as well as the customer since the company is getting a new long term customer while the customer gets to save some money. Here is how much you can save this way and get the best LeafyVPN Promos:

1) Save 36% On 12 Months Plan

In dollar terms, you are saving $39 instantly. If you browse to LeafyVPN’s order page, you will notice that the annual subscription price is listed as $108 but now the provider is offering the plan at a marked down price of $69. The discount not only decreases the regular price by a third, it also brings the average price to $5.7 per month.

2) Save 27% On 6 Months Plan

Even if you need just 6 months of VPN subscription, you can still save $15 with LeafyVPN. The usual half-yearly price for a new LeafyVPN subscription is $54 but currently the company is offering the same plan for $39. Due to the price reduction of 27%, the average subscription cost comes down to $6.5 per month.

3) Save 11% On 3 Months Plan

Subscribing to LeafyVPN’s quarterly plan can save you $3. This means that instead of the listed price of $27, you’d just be paying $24 every quarter ($8 a month).

When many VPN providers ask for a working coupon code before they provide discounts, this is not the case with LeafyVPN. The above mentioned discounts are available without a coupon but you must click on LeafyVPN’s links within this page to apply the discounts to your order.

Why Choose LeafyVPN Over Other VPN Providers?

LeafyVPN is a Hong Kong based service provider which has been providing privacy services since the year 2008. The company delivers 128-256 bit encryption with its service which ensures that your online sessions would always remain safe from surveillance, monitoring, snooping and all types of hacking and security attacks. The service also works on a variety of systems so you can secure your internet on any device and also access your favorite services from it.

LeafyVPN has 50+ VPN gateways in 18 countries with plenty of servers in United States and Europe. As a customer, you would be able to unlock GEO-IP blocked On-Demand services as well as circumvent firewalls and censorship. LeafyVPN delivers ultra-fast speeds for High Definition streaming and improving ping performance for online gaming. The company even guarantees 99.9% uptime so you can be assured of almost negligible downtimes or connection issues.

For more information, please check out our LeafyVPN Review. Or go to: www.leafyvpn.net

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