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This particular post is dedicated to Kepard Coupons and shows how you can get the service for a fraction of the usual subscription price. If you are looking to save on Kepard special offers, please read on or click here to have instant savings applied directly to your account upon checkout.

Kepard Money Saving Promotional Deals

Kepard offers monthly, quarterly and annual VPN packages (currently there is no 6-month package available) to its subscribers. The monthly plan will set you back by $7 a month but as you will discover in the following paragraphs, it doesn’t offer the best savings over a long period of time. Here are the current deals available from the provider:

1) Save 60% On Annual Plan – That’s a massive saving of $49 for every new subscription. Kepard’s one year subscription would cost $84 if you choose to subscribe to the monthly plan and keep on renewing it month after month. But right now all new subscribers get to sign up for the service by paying a one-time low price of $35 and lock-in their privacy for one year. The new average price comes down to $2.91 per month which is peanuts when you compare the price of VPN plans from other Tier-1 providers.

2) Save 10% On Quarterly Plan – Save $2 by subscribing to Kepard’s 3-month plan. Of course, the saving is not very impressive since the company has reserved the best price for its long term subscribers. With this offer, you can get 3-month worth of privacy for $19 instead of the usual $21.

3) Save 0% on Monthly Plan – Right now, there are no special discounts available for Kepard’s monthly plan but as and when the company decides to launch a deal or coupon for the monthly package, we will post it here.

To save money with the above deals, head to Kepard’s website by clicking the site’s links available within this post. Please note that there is no need to enter a special coupon or promo code to avail the deals, they would become available automatically when you visit the site by clicking on our special links.

Why Sign Up With Kepard?

Kepard is an offshore service provider that provides security and privacy on the internet. The Republic of Moldova based company launched its own VPN service in the year 2012 and since then it is growing from strength to strength. Kepard provides military grade encryption through its service and secures your online sessions from all kinds of hacking and data sniffing tools and programs.

As far as VPN gateways are concerned, Kepard has a presence in 8 different countries. Due to the Euro-US centric focus of the company, it is best suited for expats and tourists who want to unlock streaming or local services from Europe or US. The company has developed a user-friendly VPN software for the most popular operating systems (Windows and Android) that further enhances its appeal. Kepard allows you to experience true freedom on the internet without worrying about leaving your digital trails behind.

To learn more about the exciting features that are available with a Kepard subscription, check out our detailed Kepard Review. Or you can visit Kepard’s official site by clicking here:

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