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Online privacy has become almost non-existent due to the surveillance techniques used by governments, ISPs, institutions and corporations. Savvy internet users who care about keeping their data and online sessions private have turned to privacy solutions like Virtual Private Networks in order to defeat all kinds of online surveillance and monitoring. If you are looking for a trusted privacy solution that is used by millions of web users from all over the world, look no further than Hotspot Shield. This article will focus on the current promotional offers available from the VPN service provider.

Hotspot Shield Offers

1) Free Trial – Hotspot Shield is best known for its totally free VPN plan that secures the internet of even those who cannot afford to subscribe to a premium VPN service. The free plan offers fast speeds but the bandwidth is restricted to 750 MB per day for desktop users and 256 MB per day for users of Android Smartphones. The free service is supported by third party ads that are visible at the top of every browser window.

2) 50% Off On Yearly Plan – For subscribers who do not want to see ads or hate bandwidth limits, Hotspot Shield offers an Elite subscription option for $4.99 a month. However, you can save as much as 50% ($29.93) on your subscription price by subscribing to the yearly plan. Instead of paying $59.88 for one year’s worth of VPN service, you can get it for just $29.95 (at an average price of just $2.49 per month).

To check out the service for free, click on any Hotspot Shield link available on this page. The 50% discount offer is available to everyone so there is no need to enter a coupon code on Hotspot Shield’s website.

Special Promos and Deals

Hotspot Shield is also known to offer special discounts from time to time. In late 2013, the company unveiled a special deal to mark the holiday season that offered 30% discount to all new subscribers. To learn about the latest special offers from the provider, make sure to check this space from time to time.

Why Using Hotspot Shield Makes Sense?

Hotspot Shield is an extremely popular privacy solution that is brought to you by California based AnchorFree Inc. The popularity of Hotspot Shield can be judged from the fact that its VPN software has been downloaded more than 200 million times thus making it one of the most widely used privacy services in the world. The service supports ultra fast browsing and streaming thanks to the use of an advanced data compression mechanism that not only speeds up your internet but also enables you to circumvent data limits imposed by your ISP and save money on your mobile plans.

Hotspot Shield offers its own VPN software for common operating systems like Windows, Android, iOS and Mac. The service makes it extremely easy to access websites that have been blocked by the ISPs or institutions plus it also makes it possible to unblock On-Demand content from US, UK, Japan and Australia. The VPN solution also protects your valuable data and web activities from all types of surveillance, snooping and hacking threats. In addition, Hotspot Shield includes a built-in malware protection feature that protects you from millions of known malwares. The service keeps your social networking sessions and online banking transactions totally secure even if you are using a public Wi-Fi hotspot to access the internet.

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