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The internet has opened up a treasure trove of entertainment options for everyone. However, a lot of streaming media services remain blocked outside certain countries due to copyright issues or broadcasting restrictions. But thanks to VPN solutions like Expat Telly, you can now unblock your favorite streaming services and TV shows from any geographical area of the world. Before you visit Expat Telly’s website, discover how you can save as much as 50% on your subscription price by going through the deals posted below.

You can subscribe to Expat Telly’s monthly plan by paying 9.99 Euros per month. But if you need a privacy service for a longer period of time then you are in luck. Like other VPN providers, Expat Telly allows you to save a lot of money if you are willing to sign up for term plans. Here are the current money saving options available from the provider:

1) 50% Discount On Annual Price

Save 59.89 Euros on Expat Telly’s annual plan right away. Going by the monthly subscription price, Expat Telly’s annual subscription should cost 119.88 Euros but now you can avail the service for just 59.99 Euros. The 50% off in the subscription price also reduces the average price to 4.99 Euros per month.

2) 40% Discount On Half-Yearly Price

That’s an instantaneous saving of 23.95 Euros. So instead of paying 59.94 Euros for Expat Telly’s 6-month subscription, you would be paying just 35.99 Euros. The 40% discount also brings down the monthly cost to less than 6 Euros a month.

3) 33% Discount On Quarterly Price

Expat Telly’s quarterly plan doesn’t offer maximum savings but you still get to save about 10 Euros on the usual subscription cost. With this offer, you get 3 months of service for 19.99 Euros (at 6.66 Euros/month) and not 29.97 Euros.

It is not necessary to use a coupon code to get the above discounts. Just make sure that you click on the Expat Telly’s links on this page and you will see the discounted prices automatically (You can also click on the Redeem button instead of clicking on Expat Telly’s links to avail the discounted price).

Why Becoming A Member Of Expat Telly Makes Perfect Sense?

Expat Telly is a UK based VPN solution that has been in the market for more than 5 years. The service is aimed at expats, tourists and frequent fliers who wish to enjoy their favorite streaming services even from foreign locations. Additionally, Expat Telly encrypts web traffic and creates a virtual tunnel of security around online activities of its subscribers.

Expat Telly has its gateways in US and UK so it is a great solution for those who are interested in unlocking American or British content while they are visiting another country. The service also offers total privacy and freedom on the internet since it can shield your online sessions from ISPs and help you to bypass censorship that is practiced by foreign governments and many organizations. And for those who access the internet through Wi-Fi networks, Expat Telly helps you to secure your passwords, financial data and social accounts from hackers and data sniffing tools.

For further information on Expat Telly and its features, please check out our Expat Telly Review. Additionally, you can also visit www.expattelly.com

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