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EarthVPN Coupon Exclusive for 20% Off 1st Month [Promo Code: VPNCOUPONS]

EarthVPN is an excellent privacy solution and below you are going to learn how to save money while signing up for the service.  We are offering an exclusive EarthVPN Coupon for 20% off the 1st month by entering in the code: VPNCOUPONS. Although the price of the service is already quite low, you can save a lot more by opting for the term plans. Here are the current discounts available on EarthVPN’s long term plans:

1) 18% Off On Biennial Plan

– If you are willing to subscribe to EarthVPN’s 2 year plan; you can save as much as 18% ($17.77) on the regular subscription price. Going by the monthly price of $3.99, the price for the 2-year plan should have been $95.76 but now you can grab it for $77.99. The new price also brings down the average monthly subscription price to $3.24 per month.

2) 16% Off On Annual Plan

The annual plan from EarthVPN offers a similar discount to biennial plan. Currently the provider is offering 12 month subscription for $39.99 (at $3.33/month) instead of the usual $47.88 which means that you get to save $7.89 (16%) instantly.

3) 12% Off On Semi-annual Plan

For half-yearly subscribers, EarthVPN is providing a flat 12% ($2.95) discount. This allows you to subscribe to the service by paying $20.99 instead of the regular price of $23.94. While the discount may not seem huge, you must remember that EarthVPN is already one of the cheapest VPN providers out there so there is not much scope for price reduction.

4) 8% Off On Quarterly Plan

EarthVPN is offering a slight discount on quarterly plans as well. You can now subscribe for 3 months by paying $10.99 (instead of $11.97) and save $0.98 (8%). Considering that many VPN providers charge over $10 for their monthly plans, you are definitely going to save a lot of money on your VPN subscription.

If you want to save money through above deals, just click on any EarthVPN link posted on this page (or use the Redeem button). There is no special coupon code needed to avail the discounts so you should see the reduced prices as soon as you land on EarthVPN’s website.

Why EarthVPN Is An Amazing VPN Service?

EarthVPN is a privacy solution from EarthVPN Ltd. which is headquartered in Cyprus. Launched in 2012, the service offers unrestricted speeds and bandwidth as well as 99.99% uptime through its gateways that are connected to 1 GBPS nodes. EarthVPN encrypts online traffic with 128-256 bit AES encryption (with 2048 bit RSA keys) which ensures that your online sessions cannot be logged by your ISP and your sensitive data (bank login credentials, emails, passwords, IP address etc.) remains out of reach of hackers and data sniffers.

EarthVPN has more than 150 servers in 32 different countries. The excellent choice of server locations makes it easy to access IP restricted streaming services and local sites from dozens of countries from any part of the world. The presence of gateways in 6 different continents also ensures continuous connectivity, minimum latency and fast speeds even from remote locations.

For more information, please check out our EarthVPN Review. You may also visit the provider’s site at:

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