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Do you wish to save money on your BananaVPN subscription? Then make sure to read all the offers presented on this page. Banana VPN is a reputed Tier-1 VPN service and by making use of the coupons and special deals published below, you can save a lot of money on your subscription in addition to securing your internet access in the best possible way.

BananaVPN Coupons and Money Saving Offers

Get 20% off on any Banana VPN plan with the coupon code FB20OFF. This savings available with this offer are over and above what you get by subscribing to long term plans. Here is how the 20% off coupon works for different Banana VPN plans:

1) $20 Saving On Yearly Plan – Banana VPN normally charges $100 ($8.33/month) for a yearly subscription but now you can avail the same plan at just $80. The new average price comes out to be $6.67/month which represents a great bargain for such a renowned and dependable privacy service.

2) $12 Saving On Six Monthly Plan – Banana VPN’s half-yearly plan is available to new subscribers for $60 ($10/month) but with the coupon mentioned above, you can get the same plan for just $48. The new $8 a month average price is far lower than what most VPN providers charge for their monthly service.

3) $3 Saving On Monthly Plan – For Banana VPN’s monthly plan, the savings are not as big. The company charges $14.99 for its monthly VPN package but the special coupon gives you the opportunity to get it for just $11.99 a month.

In order to save money with the above special offer, visit the Banana VPN link given on this page (or click on the Redeem button), choose your desired VPN plan in the “Buy Now” page, enter the code FB20OFF (all caps) in the “Coupon Code (Optional): ” input box and finally click on the “Recalculate” button. The Banana VPN website will verify the coupon code and show the discounted price for the VPN package selected by you. Make sure that you verify the final price before you make a payment by clicking on the Submit button.

Why Subscribe To Banana VPN?

Banana VPN is a privacy solution from KIS Limited which is an IT service provider registered in UK and Cyprus. After delivering networking and hosting solutions for a decade, KIS decided to launch its own privacy service in 2007. In the last 7 years, Banana VPN has expanded its operations significantly and it is now considered as one of the premium VPN service providers available in the market.

Banana VPN offers security and privacy through its servers located in seven different countries. The company has great VPN infrastructure in place and supports 4 different VPN protocols to deliver a superior service to its subscribers. The service offers protection from all forms of surveillance; provides access to streaming services and local content from 7 different countries as well as makes it possible to circumvent the censorship techniques used by ISPs, corporates and schools.

In case you are interested in learning more about Banana VPN, check the detailed VPNCoupons’ Banana VPN review. Or Visit Banana VPN at:

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