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SimpleTelly (formerly SimpleTV) If you cannot even think of having your favorite streaming service blocked, subscribe to a fast and dependable SmartDNS service (like SimpleTelly) before making your journey. Below you will discover several ways of saving money through the SimpleTelly offers below:

SimpleTelly Offers

SimpleTelly’s monthly service is a bit expensive (at $8 a month). But if you need the service for a longer time then you can definitely save money on your subscription. Here are the current offers available from the provider:

1) 25% Off On Yearly Package – By subscribing to SimpleTelly’s yearly plan, you can save $24 instantly. The yearly subscriptions are normally charged $96 but as of now, the same package is available for $72. The discount also brings down the average price from $8/month to $6/month.

2) 12.5% Off On Half-yearly Package – Here the discount comes to $6. When you do the math, the 6-month subscription price comes to $48 (based on the monthly cost) but here’s your opportunity to get the plan for $42. The reduction in price is also reflected in the average cost per month since it drops to $7 a month.

3) 8% Off On Quarterly Package – For new subscribers, SimpleTelly’s 3-month plan is available for $22 (instead of $24) allowing you to save $2. This is certainly not the kind of savings that most people look for but this offer does allow you to save money over a period of time.

4) Free Trial Offer – SimpleTelly is also offering a 7 day trial to all new subscribers. The trial comes with no obligation whatsoever so if you don’t like the service, simply stop using it. This is indeed a great opportunity to test drive a premium SmartDNS service without having to pay even a single cent to the provider.

To activate the above money saving offers, click on the Redeem button or SimpleTelly links posted within this page. Our links allow you to get the discounts without having to enter a coupon code anywhere.

Why Subscribe To SimpleTelly?

SimpleTelly is a SmartDNS service from Global Network Services Ltd which specializes in delivering security solutions to its clients. When the service was unveiled in 2012, it supported only American and British streaming services but over a period of time, Global Network has added many more features as well as support for several locations. SimpleTelly can now unblock over 50 popular streaming services from 5 different countries providing you with plenty of around the clock entertainment options.

SimpleTelly is compatible with PCs, Mac, Linux, iPhones, iPads, Android, Xbox, PS3/4, Roku and Samsung Smart TVs. The service is very easy to configure and you can be up and running literally within minutes of signing up. Since there is no encryption or complicated configuration involved with SimpleTelly, you can enjoy all the streaming services at near ISP speeds.

For further information on the service, read the detailed SimpleTelly review. Or you can check out:

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