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Looking for a surefire way to save money on a 12VPN subscription? Then make sure to read through the end of the page. VPNCoupons brings you some amazing promotional offers that guarantee savings on each and every 12VPN subscription. We also have negotiated an exclusive 12VPN Coupon for our readers!

VPNCoupons Special 12VPN Coupon

Get 20% off on any new 12VPN subscription with the code VPNCOUPONS. The coupon works with all plans that 12VPN has to offer so you will save money irrespective of the plan that you subscribe to. Here is how the coupon works with different plans:

1) Save up to $14.85 on Unlimited Plan – The Unlimited plan is the most powerful VPN plan from 12VPN. The plan usually costs $38.85 for 3 months, $59.94 for 6 months and $99 for a year but with our money-saving coupon, you can grab it for $33.02 for a quarter (saving of $5.82), $50.94 for 6 months (saving of $8.99) and $84.15 for a year (saving of $14.85). The discounted average price for quarterly, half-yearly and yearly plan comes down to $11/month, $8.49/month and $7.01/month which is not too bad for a fast and reliable privacy service.

2) Save $7.35 On Basic Plan – The Basic Plan is similar to the unlimited plan in all respects; however the maximum speed for the subscribers is capped at 8 MBPS. The plan is far cheaper than the unlimited plan (at $49 per year) but with our special coupon, you can get it for even less (just $41.65). This brings the cost per month down to $3.48 which is an absolute bargain for a premium privacy service.

3) Save $4.5 on Mobile Plan – The 12VPN Mobile Plan is a great privacy option for those on the move. The plan works on most Smartphones and tablets but it doesn’t include the Proxy and SmartDNS features available with the Unlimited and Basic plans. The Mobile plan costs $29.95 for 12 months but with our coupon you can get it for $25.45 (average price of just $2.12/month).

To use our special coupon, just enter VPNCOUPONS (all caps) in the “Optional promo code” box while creating your 12VPN account and then click on “Use promo code” button. The system will verify the coupon and show the discounted prices immediately on your screen.

Why 12VPN Is A Good Privacy Choice?

12VPN is a VPN, Proxy and SmartDNS provider that has been in the market for more than 5 years. While the name 12VPN may not sound too professional, the team behind the service has more than two decades of experience in providing networking and IT solutions to its clients. 12VPN delivers a highly secure privacy service (with 256 bit AES encryption) and supports as many as six different VPN protocols to ensure compatibility with a host of mobile and computing devices.

12VPN has VPN gateways in 16 different countries. When you look at the location of 12VPN’s servers, you will discover that the company has chosen to deploy the maximum number of its servers in America and Europe. This is really a boon for American and European expats who are deprived of their favorite streaming services while residing in a new country. The service also secures sensitive data while you are using unsecured networks and provides an easy way to bypass censorship and evade the surveillance measures deployed by ISPs and governments.

For a more detailed explanation of 12VPN features, read the VPNCoupons 12VPN review. Or visit: www.12vpn.net.

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