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ConnectionVPN Review – A Trusted VPN Service [out of service as of 6/3/2014]

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

ConnectionVPN is brought to you by an Iceland based company. Launched in 2010, the company offers OpenVPN based VPN service to its customers. In this detailed ConnectionVPN review, we will check all the features of the service and decide if it is worth the subscription money. [NOTE!!!!: This domain was parked on GoDaddy as of 6/3/2014]

Server Locations and Site Access

As of now, ConnectionVPN has servers in Netherlands and Luxembourg. Even though the choice of VPN server locations is extremely limited, the service would help you to unlock local content from these 2 countries as well as bypass firewalls and censorship that are imposed by local governments and organizations. Once you activate your VPN account, you would be able to unlock premium services like Spotify, Rara, Deezer, MTV Netherlands, RTL, TVLab, Film1, Sport1, AT5, Luxe TV, Luxweb and Shorts TV from any region in the world as well as unblock your favorite sites like Facebook, YouTube, Blogger, Gmail, Twitter, Skype, Google Voice and Vonage from behind corporate firewalls and countries like China, Brazil, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE. The company allows unlimited server switching so you can unlock local content from both Netherlands and Luxembourg with one VPN subscription.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

ConnectionVPN delivers unmetered bandwidth and unlimited speed to its customers. The speed and bandwidth on offer is ideal for resource hungry activities such as streaming of HD movies and TV shows, downloading of big files, VOIP and online gaming.

Privacy Settings

ConnectionVPN delivers privacy and anonymity through the OpenVPN protocol. The service uses strong SSL/TLS encryption with 2048-bit key that renders your online traffic free from ISP and network based monitoring as well as hacking and theft. The strong encryption would help you to secure all your online activities (browsing, emailing, FTP, VOIP and messaging) as well as safeguard your passwords, bank details and identity while using low security wireless networks at airports, public parks, coffee shops, libraries and shopping malls.

ConnectionVPN does not maintain logs of online activity or personal data. The company records connection details (connection time and duration, bandwidth used) to maintain their server network but it will not hand over these details to anyone unless it is compelled to do so by the legal authorities.

Supported Operating Systems

ConnectionVPN works with Windows (7, 8, XP, Vista), Mac OS X, Linux (Ubuntu and other implementations) as well as jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Even though the company does not provide a custom VPN client, the setup process is easy thanks to the step by step instructions provided by the company after you signup to the service.

Customer Support

The customer support is available through email based support system. Since the company delivers its service through OpenVPN, you may also refer to the OpenVPN documentation to resolve technical problems and connection issues on your own.

Pricing Options

ConnectionVPN’s unlimited plans are available from 5 EUR per month (to be paid as 15 EUR every 3 months), 30 EUR for 6 months and 50 EUR for 1 year. The company does not offer free trials or refunds so it makes sense to subscribe to short term plan first in order to test the service.

Final Verdict

Overall, ConnectionVPN offers a decent but limited VPN service. While the company offers high level of security with good speeds, it does not have servers outside Europe which is a huge disadvantage if you are looking for USA content.  However, if you are looking for a trusted VPN service that works well, check the offers from ConnectionVPN today. For more information, please visit: www.connectionVPN.com.

July 25, 2013

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